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The 6 Best Tablets for Teachers | 2024 Edition

Which tablets are best suited for a teacher’s daily life? We recommendthe best models to you – from iPads to Windows tablets to ChromeOS.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 vs Apple iPad Pro display

Becoming a teacher might sound like a dream job to some – lots of holidays, staying in touch with young minds, and the idea of “easy money.” But ask any teacher or have a chat with one, and you’ll quickly realize that such notions are just lame and make no sense, as most teachers will tell you.

However, what does make sense is that modern technology is making its way into the world of education. Even though the famous slide projector is still an indispensable piece of equipment in some schools, there are also schools that provide tablets to their students and teachers. Purchasing a tablet privately can also be worthwhile to manage the hectic school day in a modern and efficient manner. Whether it’s for lesson preparation, grading assignments, document editing, or checking emails, tablets can be practical tools for teachers.

But which tablets are best suited to handle the busy life of a teacher in the school environment? In this guide, we recommend you the best tablets for teachers.

What should teachers consider when buying a tablet for work?

Before purchasing a tablet for the school environment, you should pay attention to some aspects to ensure that the device meets your requirements and doesn’t irritate you as much as Kevin, who constantly blurts out nonsense from the back of the class. Here are some important points:

  • Operating System: Make sure to choose an operating system that won’t drive you crazy. After all, you want to work with it and not lose your nerves. It’s best to choose one that you’re already familiar with from your smartphone.
  • Size and Weight: Nobody wants to enter the school grounds looking like a weightlifter or bodybuilder because the tablet is too heavy. Choose something lightweight and portable, and save your strength for creating a creative classroom.
  • Battery Life: The last thing you need during a class is a tablet that lets you down and stares back at you with an empty look. Look for a tablet with long battery life, one that won’t leave you hanging during an entire day.
  • Storage Space: You’ll have so many notes and teaching materials on this tablet that you’ll soon have the digital version of your classroom. Make sure there is enough storage space to accommodate all your valuable resources.
  • Stylus or Keyboard Input: Choose a tablet that allows comfortable writing, offers good keyboard covers, and supports a stylus. This makes grading assignments and other tasks much more enjoyable!
  • Durability and Cases: Classrooms can be tough environments, so you need a tablet that’s as tough as you are. And don’t forget the protective case – it’s like armor for your digital assistant!
  • Performance: To ensure your tablet doesn’t run out of steam when using resource-intensive apps, opt for a device that can handle demanding applications. Additionally, by choosing a tablet with excellent performance, you ensure it will serve you faithfully throughout the school day for several years, without suddenly becoming overwhelmed.

Best Tablets for Teachers: An Overview

  • The Best Tablet for Teachers Overall: Apple iPad Pro M2 (on Amazon*). Apple’s premium models are the top dogs among currently available tablets. These devices feature an excellent 11 or 12.9-inch display with 120Hz. The tablets support the Apple Pencil 2, perfect for marking, drawing, or taking handwritten notes. The optional keyboard covers are also well-suited for productive work. The current iPad Pros have the most powerful hardware on the market, largely because they use the same M2 chip found in the current MacBooks. So, if preparing for the next class or grading assignments takes longer than planned, you can only blame yourself.
  • Best iPad Pro Alternative: Apple iPad Air (on Amazon*). The iPad Air is nearly as good as the iPad Pro. It has slightly less power on paper than the Pro version, but this difference is not noticeable in practice. It handles demanding apps just as smoothly as its “big brother.” The iPad Air also supports the Apple Pencil 2 and an optional keyboard cover. The 10.86-inch screen on the iPad Air, compared to the iPad Pro, is slightly dimmer and has a 60Hz refresh rate instead of the Pro’s 120Hz. But with its slim dimensions and lightweight, the iPad Air is an ideal companion for teachers.
  • The Best Android Tablets for Teachers: Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ and S8 Ultra (on Amazon*). If you prefer Android, be sure to take a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy S8 series. These tablets feature excellent displays, strong performance, and support the fantastic S Pen, which is included with the purchase, unlike Apple. The tablets also offer high-quality keyboard covers as optional accessories. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ boasts a 12.4-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2800 x 1752 pixels and a 120Hz refresh rate, while the 8 Ultra has a 14.6-inch screen with a resolution of 2960 x 1848 pixels and also 120Hz. The manufacturer promises to provide four major Android updates and five years of security updates for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 series.
  • The Best Windows Tablet for Teachers: Microsoft Surface Pro 9 (on Amazon*). The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 may look like a regular tablet, but it’s actually a full-fledged Windows PC. This can be a significant advantage for teachers who rely on specific software programs, as it can run the desktop versions of all Windows programs. However, compared to a traditional laptop with similar specifications, the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is relatively expensive. The display, the optional keyboard cover, and the Surface Slim Pen 2 are of high quality. When it comes to pure hardware performance, the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 falls behind the iPad Pro and Apple iPad Air.
  • The Best Mid-Range Tablet for Teachers: Apple iPad 10 (on Amazon*). The entry-level iPad offers excellent performance for its price and outperforms most Android tablets in terms of raw hardware power. The optional keyboard cover and Apple Pencil are also great. It’s a bit unfortunate that the iPad 10 does not have a laminated display, which can sometimes make it feel like you’re not directly touching the screen when using the Apple Pencil. However, in everyday use, this is not a significant issue, and you’ll hardly notice it after a while.
  • Affordable Alternative for Teachers: Lenovo Duet 3 Chromebook (on Amazon*). The best part is that this tablet comes with a keyboard cover included in the package. The Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3 Chromebook is available for around 350 euros. It features a good 11-inch display with a resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels and a 60Hz refresh rate. Conveniently, the tablet offers the desktop version of Chrome, which is useful for teachers. The Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3 Chromebook is expected to receive updates until 2030. It’s a bit disappointing that the tablet ships with Android 9, and its performance doesn’t set any records.

The Best Tablets for Teachers: All the Details

Let’s now take a closer look at these tablets.

Apple iPad Pro: Best Tablet for Teachers Overall

Apple iPad Pro M2 Stage Manager

The iPad Pro is an excellent choice for teachers with a larger budget who want the best of the best. It supports the premium Apple Pencil 2, available for 149 euros, which is ideal for drawing and taking notes. The optional keyboard cover, known as the “Magic Keyboard” by Apple, is of high quality and offers a comfortable typing experience. However, it’s not exactly a budget option. The Magic Keyboard for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro costs 429 euros at Apple, while the keyboard for the 11-inch iPad Pro is 369 euros.

The 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro features a large, high-quality Mini-LED display with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels, 264 pixels per inch, and a 120Hz refresh rate. Thanks to Mini-LED technology, the tablet delivers excellent contrast, vivid colors, and deep blacks. In terms of contrast and black levels, it is comparable to OLED displays. The screen plays SDR content with a peak brightness of 600 nits. With HDR content, the Mini-LED technology can achieve a brightness of up to 1,600 nits. The screen is fully laminated.

Best Tablet Overall
Apple iPad Pro 11 WiFi 128GB

The Apple iPad Pro M2 is the best tablet you can buy right now. It's more powerful than all competitors, has two very pretty 11-inch and 12.9-inch displays, as well as a premium built. We get great premium features like the good Apple Pencil 2, fantastic keyboard covers, facial recognition, and good speakers. However, compared to its predecessors, almost nothing has changed.

Buy on Amazon Our Review
03/27/2024 05:23 pm GMT

It’s important to note that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro uses modern Mini-LED technology for its display, while the 11-inch iPad Pro features a conventional LCD screen that is not particularly bright and does not deliver the impressive contrast and black levels of the 12.9-inch model. However, the display of the 11-inch version is still excellent.

The four speakers of the Apple iPad Pros deliver excellent sound quality.

In our battery test, the iPad Pro had a runtime of 6 hours. For the test, we played an HD YouTube video in a continuous loop at maximum brightness.

The devices feature Wi-Fi 6E and are available in optional 5G versions.

The Apple iPad Pro is the most powerful tablet on the market and is equipped with the M2 chip, the same chip used in the latest Apple MacBook Pros. This allows you to run even the most demanding apps and ensures that you will be well-prepared for the role of a teacher for many years to come.

Furthermore, the iPad Pro offers excellent build quality, Face ID facial recognition, high-quality cameras with LIDAR sensors, and an overall outstanding package.

For teachers seeking a high-quality tablet with an excellent display and the best performance on the market, the Apple iPad Pro is an outstanding choice.

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Apple iPad Air: Best iPad Pro Alternative

Apple iPad Air 5

Teachers on a limited budget who admire the iPad Pro should consider the iPad Air. This tablet supports the premium Apple Pencil 2, has two high-quality keyboard options, and offers strong performance.

The iPad Air features the powerful M1 chip and is slightly more affordable than the iPad Pro. This makes it faster than any other Android tablet currently available.

The iPad Air has an attractive design, good cameras, and a stylish LCD display with a 60Hz refresh rate, as well as up-to-date software.

Great Premium Tablet
Apple iPad Air 5
$599.00 $549.00

The Apple iPad Air 5 is a fantastic premium tablet. It's cheaper than the iPad Pro but offers the same super-fast Apple M1 processor. We get a premium metal body, good speakers, a fingerprint scanner, two keyboard options, and the fantastic Apple Pencil 2. The 10.9 inch LCD screen is a good one but a bit darker than the Pro and supports 60Hz only.

Buy on Amazon Our Review
03/26/2024 08:18 pm GMT

It’s disappointing that the base version of the iPad Air only offers 64GB of storage. For teachers who want to use many large apps on their tablet, this may not be enough.

Overall, the iPad Air is a great choice for teachers due to its outstanding performance, excellent display, and great keyboard and stylus support.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ and Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Best Android Tablets for Teachers

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 displays

We highly recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series for teachers who prefer Android. These Samsung tablets are among the best Android tablets on the market, thanks to their excellent displays, strong hardware, and stable software.

The excellent S Pen is included with the tablets. Samsung also offers optional high-quality keyboard covers that make work enjoyable.

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra features a large 14.6-inch screen, while the Galaxy Tab S8+ has a 12.4-inch display. Both tablets have Super AMOLED displays with a 120Hz refresh rate, leading to top-notch contrast, colors, and deep black levels. While the Galaxy Tab S8+ has a resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra offers a resolution of 2960 x 1848 pixels. Both screens are fully laminated. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra have the best displays on the market.

Great Android Tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8
$699.99 $414.91

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S8+, and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra are the best Android tablets you can buy right now. We get fantastic and large Super AMOLED screens, a good LCD, and the fantastic S Pen stylus is included and has tons of software support. The tablets are super fast, have premium-feeling metal bodies, great speakers, and features like fingerprint scanners. I also like that Samsung offers up-to-date software with long software updates to come.

Buy on Amazon Our Review
03/26/2024 07:53 pm GMT

The four stereo speakers on these tablets are also of high quality.

The devices support Widevine Level 1, allowing you to watch Netflix and other streaming services in 1080p. They can also play HDR 10 content.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series features Wi-Fi 6E and is available with 5G connectivity.

In our battery test, both the Galaxy Tab S8+ and the S8 Ultra had a runtime of 9 hours. For the test, we played an HD YouTube video in a continuous loop at maximum brightness.

The fingerprint scanner, excellent cameras, superb build quality, and powerful hardware are further advantages of Samsung’s premium tablets. They are the fastest Android tablets currently available.

Android 13 is now running on the Galaxy Tab S8+ and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. Samsung plans to provide these devices with four major Android upgrades and five years of security updates.

The Galaxy Tab S8+ and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra are an excellent choice for teachers who prefer Android over iPadOS or Windows and appreciate premium quality.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 9: Best Windows Tablet for Teachers

Microsoft Surface Pro 9

The best Windows tablet on the market is the Microsoft Surface Pro 9.

The tablet features an elegant design and a useful kickstand. Additionally, the optional Surface Pro Signature Keyboard by Microsoft is available for around 180 euros and offers excellent typing quality. The Surface Slim Pen 2, which is available separately, is priced at 130 euros.

The device offers a high-quality display with a 120 Hz refresh rate and has sufficient computing power to meet the needs of teachers in their daily routines.

The tablet has a good camera, ideal for video calls with colleagues and students. The display has a resolution of 2880 x 1920 pixels and a 3:2 aspect ratio. The screen offers excellent contrast, good saturation, and brightness.

Best Windows Tablet
Microsoft Surface Pro 9
$1,099.99 $877.53

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is the best Windows tablet you can buy at the moment. It offers a premium built, newest Intel processors, a pretty 120Hz display, as well as fantastic accessoires with the Slim Pen 2 and Signature Keyboard. Sadly, the battery life is short and not much has changed compared to the Surface Pro 8.

Buy on Amazon Our Review
03/26/2024 09:48 pm GMT

One advantage of Windows is that it provides unrestricted access to all Windows programs you are familiar with from your desktop PC.

However, the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is relatively expensive compared to a conventional laptop with similar specifications. The base configuration of the Microsoft Surface Pro 9, with a 128 GB SSD, is available for 1299 euros. It’s worth noting that the SSD is replaceable.

The iPad Air and iPad Pro, however, offer significantly better hardware performance than the Microsoft Surface Pro 9.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is a good choice for teachers who want to ensure that all relevant apps work on their tablet and who value full Windows compatibility.

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iPad 10: Best Mid-Range Tablet for Teachers

Apple iPad 10 Test

If your main focus is the tablet’s performance, we recommend the iPad 10. For a relatively low price, you get a lot of computing power.

The iPad 10 supports a keyboard cover and the Apple Pencil 1. Both the cover and the stylus are of high quality.

However, it’s a bit annoying that you need an adapter for the iPad 10 since the tablet has a USB-C port while the Apple Pencil 1 uses a Lightning connector. It would have been more elegant if the iPad 10 were directly compatible with the Apple Pencil 2. Nevertheless, the adapter is not a significant issue, as both models recognize pressure levels and tilt equally well. However, with the Apple Pencil 1, you miss out on the tap functionality and wireless charging.

Great Mid-Range Tablet
Apple iPad 10
$449.00 $349.99

The Apple iPad 10 is faster than all Android tablets. Especially compared to its predecessor, it offers a better and more modern design, a bit lager and bright 10.9-inch display, as well as a new and good keyboard cover. Overall, it's a great tablet but it does have a bunch of downsides. The screen is not laminated and I noticed a jelly effect. You can get it with the first-generation Apple Pencil. However, for that one to work you have to buy an extra adapter which is ridiculous. And, sadly, the price has increased.

Buy on Amazon Our Review
03/26/2024 08:23 pm GMT

According to Geekbench 5 test results, the iPad 10 even outperforms the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series. Teachers get excellent performance with the iPad 10 at a reasonable price.

However, there are compromises in terms of design and display. The screen is not laminated, so when using the Apple Pencil, it can sometimes feel like you’re not directly touching the screen. Nevertheless, this is not a significant issue in practice unless you plan to draw daily, for example.

Additionally, the iPad 10 features excellent build quality and high-quality cameras.

Apple offers the iPad 10 in versions with 64GB and 256GB of storage space.

If you plan to use many apps for your teaching needs, we recommend opting for the 256GB version.

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Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3 Chromebook: Affordable Alternative for Teachers’ Everyday Needs

Lenovo Duet 3 Chromebook with keyboard

The Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3 Chromebook, including a keyboard, is available for less than 400 euros, making it the perfect device for budget-conscious teachers.

As the name suggests, the desktop version of Chrome is pre-installed on the tablet. It’s great that it’s expected to receive updates until 2030.

The Chrome browser allows you to install the same extensions as on a regular PC.

Chrome was originally a pure desktop operating system, so you can easily use a mouse and keyboard on the tablet. In addition, Android apps can be installed on the device since the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3 Chromebook includes the Google Play Store.

Fantastic Value
Lenovo Duet 3 Chromebook

The Lenovo Duet 3 Chromebook is an 11-inch tablet with Chrome OS and a keyboard cover. Its highlights are its operating system because it'll get updates until 2030 and the desktop version of Chrome is preinstalled. The built quality, performance, display, and especially the keyboard are good. However, the USI Pen 2 is a bit disapointing and the battery life could be longer.

Buy on Amazon Our Review

It’s important to note that the tablet does not support most Microsoft Office applications. However, Chrome offers excellent alternatives.

You will have to compromise on performance with this tablet. It is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 processor, with a choice of 4GB or 8GB of RAM and 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of internal storage.

You will also need to compromise on performance. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 processor of the device, along with either 4GB or 8GB of RAM, and 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of internal storage is available.

The 10.1-inch display is of average quality. It has a resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels and cannot play Netflix and other streaming services in HD. This only works in the Chrome browser.

The battery life of 5.5 to 6 hours is also not great. For our test, we played an HD YouTube video in a continuous loop at maximum brightness.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3 Chromebook is a good choice for teachers who primarily use their tablet for writing and want to save money.

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