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The Best 10-inch Tablets with Android + Windows | Reviews 2017

You’re looking for the best 10-inch tablets with Android and Windows 10 in 2017? We’ve been reviewing most new tablets for over 8 years now. Here is a list with the best according to our review. Below you’ll find them sorted by operating system and price including cheap ones for under 100, 200, and under 300 dollars.

Best 10-inch Android Tablets

10-inch tablets with Android are probably the most popular ones out there. We’ve been reviewing a couple of very interesting devices recently. While there is no super high-end 10-inch Android tablet out right now, you can check out the 9.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. There are really good upper middle class ones though:

Best under 300 dollars: Lenovo Tab4 10 Plus

In my opinion the Lenovo Tab4 10 Plus is the best 10-inch Android tablet you can buy right now. It offers good upper middle class specs, has a nice fullHD-resolution, good battery life and a great performance for your money.

Best 10-inch Windows 10 Tablets

In the past there have been a lot of 10-inch Windows tablets out there which were mostly very inexpensive. They usually offer lower end hardware, but this year Samsung did introduce a quite good one with the Samsung Galaxy Book 10 and its Intel Core m3 processor.

The Best: Samsung Galaxy Book 10

You could call the Samsung Galaxy Book 10 a successor to the Microsoft Surface 3. While it has a 10-inch display like all tablets on this list, the internals are not weak at all. We’re getting a solid fullHD display here with a good performing Intel Core m3 processor of the latest Kaby Lake generation.

Best for under 300 dollars

There are a couple of nice Windows 10 tablets for under 300 dollars. They are shipped with the lower end Intel Atom chip. While it is not as fast as the Core m3, the performance is good enough for web browsing and office work.

All recent 10-inch Tablets

Here are all 10-inch tablets which have been announced or released recently.

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