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When Will Apple Release A New iPad? Everything We Know So Far!

This question is on the minds of every Apple fan worldwide. Here, you’ll learn more about the next generations of iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.

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Apple iPad 10 design

Anticipation is the greatest joy. Not only Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the new generation of iPads. Here, you will find out what is already known about the new iPad and when it is expected to hit the market.

No new iPad models this year?

Since 2010, Apple has had the iPad. For many, it was love at first sight, not least because of its slim and elegant design. Others have come to appreciate the devices over the years, for example, as practical companions on the go.

Whether for students or professionals, more than 13 years after the first generation of the Apple iPad, tablets have long become a part of everyday life. The fact that the Californian manufacturer has managed to keep iPads current and relevant is mainly due to the release of new versions.

Apple iPad Air 4 design

Interestingly, since 2017, Apple has brought a new iPad into stores every year. Tech enthusiasts have been pampered with new features regularly. However, the new iPad for 2023 is taking its time. As of today, those looking to get a new iPad will have to opt for the 9th and 10th generations, as both models continue to be produced by Apple.

Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman believes that the new iPad will be available in the spring of 2024. He predicts March 2024 as the release period. This information is credible, as Gurman has been one of the top reporters on all things Apple for years. Ming-Chi Kuo, also a reliable Apple insider, expects the new iPad in early 2024.

A look into the rumor mill: What the community hopes for with the new Apple iPads

So, the plan to place a brand-new iPad 11 under the Christmas tree is off. However, the late release compared to the last six years is not bad news. After all, there is legitimate hope that the new iPad will receive a significant update.

The community is definitely looking forward to a comprehensive refresh of the Apple iPad. Many users hope for a laminated display, as is standard with the iPad Air and iPad Pro.

Presumably, the iPad 11 will feature an Apple A16 chipset for slightly improved performance. For those insisting on the superior processors of the M series, they should consider the Pro models or at least the new Air variant. Performance comes at a cost, and the new iPad is likely not to be cheaper than its predecessor.

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The decision on the dimensions of the new iPad will also be interesting. After the initial 9.7” screens in the first six generations of the Apple iPad, the tablets got larger. After the intermediate step of 10.2 inches (Generations 7, 8, 9), the iPad grew to a screen diagonal of 10.9 inches (iPad 10). It remains to be seen whether Apple will change the size of the standard iPad again or keep the 10.9-inch display.

Given the jelly effect when scrolling and the less convincing black levels of the iPad 10, many users hope for quality improvements in the display. However, it is already clear that an OLED display is likely to be found in the standard iPad no earlier than 2026.

iPad Air 6 – Likely more power

Apple iPad Air 5

The website assumes that the sixth generation of the Apple iPad Air will also be released in March 2024. Rumors suggest another hardware upgrade: if the current version of the iPad Air has the M1 chip, the 2024 tablet could be upgraded with the M2 processor. The M2 was previously only found in the Pro series.

This change is supported by the fact that Apple introduced the M1 first in the iPad Pros as the flagship of Apple tablets. In the iPad Air 5, available from 2022, the M1 followed, while the Pro series got the M2.

Another possibility is a new display size. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPad Air series could be divided into smaller and larger tablets, similar to the previous Pro models. Instead of the 11-inch screen, 10.9” and 12.9” variants are being considered.

There is little reason for hope regarding the pricing of the iPad Air 6. Prices have steadily increased over the last generations, at least outside the US market.

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M3 chip, OLED displays: Expected changes in the iPad Pros

Now, for the crème de la crème of Apple tablet models: Information about new products from the Steve Jobs empire is strictly confidential, but secrets can be occasionally revealed.

Apple iPad Pro M2 display

Mark Gurman has alleged that the company is opting for a new screen technology for the iPad Pro 7. OLED displays are expected to be used starting from the next generation. The advantage lies in a lifelike image with impressive contrasts because OLED does not require additional backlighting.

There is also discussion about an enlarged screen diagonal of 13”.

Other expected changes include the M3 chip, which is currently only found in the current MacBook Pros and iMac. With 25 billion transistors, compared to the previous 20 billion in the M2, the new processor promises improved performance for the iPad Pro models.

Expected release date of new iPads in 2024

Assuming Apple doesn’t plan a Christmas surprise, 2023 will be a year without new iPads for the first time in a long time.

Apple iPad 10 Display

If you trust the well-informed sources of Gurman, Kuo, and company, 2024, on the other hand, will see several new Apple tablets hitting the market. Even the iPad Mini 7 could arrive in stores over the next year, possibly reshaping the entire iPad product line.

The iPad 11, iPad Air 6, iPad Pro 7, and iPad Mini 7 – Apple fans can rightfully hope not to have to wait too long for these devices.

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Should I buy the current version or wait for the new Apple tablets?

Well, a blanket answer to this question seems impossible – and would be out of place anyway. However, we are happy to leave you with some final thoughts:

It is certain that the new iPads promise interesting features. Stronger processors, new displays, new formats, and additional, as-yet-unforeseen details are definitely enticing. However, those aiming for the 2024 generations of the tablets will have to dig deep into their pockets. For example, the new iPad Air could be an interesting alternative to the current iPad Pro, assuming the rumors about the M2 chip and a 12.9” version prove true.

A useful tip is to wait a few more months for the release of the new iPad. Then you can compare the devices ideally and make an informed decision based on facts.

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