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What Are The Sizes Of iPads? iPad Dimensions Explained

A comprehensive guide comparing screen sizes of all iPad models.

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iPad size and Dimensions Explained

You want to purchase a new iPad but are unsure about the various dimensions it might come in. Since its debut, Apple’s tablet has undergone multiple changes and improvements. To make an informed purchase decision, it’s important to be familiar with the dimensions and screen size of every iPad model, whether it’s the regular iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, or iPad mini. In this guide, we will explain what are the sizes of iPads and their dimensions. 

What are the different sizes and dimensions of iPads

The size of an iPad is important in determining how you use it and the experience you get. Apple has different sizes of iPads to fit various needs. For instance, a smaller iPad is easier to carry around, while a larger one is great for tasks that need a big screen, like watching movies or doing graphic design. Thinking about the size will help you pick an iPad that works well with your lifestyle and meets your needs.

Sizes Of iPads

Here’s a table that outlines the dimensions of iPads. The information is categorized by model, including both the currently available models and the discontinued ones.

iPad ModelGenerationYearScreen SizeiPad Dimensions (HxWxD)
iPad 10.910th202210.9″9.79 × 7.07 × 0.28
iPad 10.29th202110.2″9.8 × 6.8 × 0.29
iPad 10.28th202010.2″9.8 × 6.8 × 0.29
iPad 10.27th201910.2″9.8 × 6.8 × 0.29
iPad 20186th20189.7″9.4 × 6.67 × 0.29
iPad 20175th20179.7″9.4 × 6.67 × 0.29
iPad 44th20129.7″9.5 × 7.31 × 0.37
iPad 33rd20129.7″9.5 × 7.31 × 0.37
iPad 22nd20119.7″9.5 × 7.31 × 0.35
iPad 11st20109.7″9.56 × 7.47 × 0.50
iPad mini 66th20218.3″7.69 × 5.3 × 0.25
iPad mini 55th20197.9″8.0 × 5.3 × 0.24
iPad mini 44th20157.9″8.0 × 5.3 × 0.24
iPad mini 33rd20147.9″7.9 × 5.3 × 0.30
iPad mini 22nd20137.9″7.9 × 5.3 × 0.30
iPad mini 11st20127.9″7.9 × 5.3 × 0.28
iPad Air 55th202210.9″9.74 × 7.03 × 0.24
iPad Air 44th202010.9″9.74 × 7.03 × 0.24
iPad Air 33rd201910.5″9.87 × 6.85 ×
iPad Air 22nd20149.7″9.4 × 6.67 × 0.24
iPad Air 11st20139.7″9.4 × 6.67 × 0.30
iPad Pro 114th202211″9.75 × 7.03 × 0.23
iPad Pro 113rd202111″9.75 × 7.03 × 0.23
iPad Pro 112nd202011″9.75 × 7.03 × 0.23
iPad Pro 111st201811″9.75 × 7.03 × 0.23
iPad Pro 10.5201710.5″9.87 × 6.85 × 0.24
iPad Pro 9.720169.7″9.4 × 6.67 × 0.24
iPad Pro 12.96th202212.9″11.04 × 8.46 × 0.25
iPad Pro 12.95th202112.9″11.04 × 8.46 × 0.25
iPad Pro 12.94th202012.9″11.04 × 8.46 × 0.23
iPad Pro 12.93rd201812.9″11.04 × 8.46 × 0.23
iPad Pro 12.92nd201712.9″12.04 × 8.69 × 0.27
iPad Pro 12.91st201512.9″12.04 × 8.69 × 0.27
iPad sizes and dimensions table

All iPad Models and Dimensions Explained

It’s important to keep in mind that the size of an iPad screen is usually measured diagonally, from one corner to the opposite corner. This measurement gives you a more precise idea of how much screen space is available and how much content you’ll be able to see on the device.

iPad Mini Size and Dimensions

iPad mini sizes and dimensions
iPad mini sizes and dimensions

The iPad Mini is the smallest version of the iPad, which means it’s perfect for people who want something both functional and portable. Its size is especially useful for those who prioritize ease of transport. If you’re interested, here are the exact dimensions of the latest iPad Mini model:

  • Display size: 7.9 inches and 8.3-inches (2021 model)

The iPad Mini has a small design that allows it to fit effortlessly into purses, backpacks, and pockets, which is ideal for individuals who are always on the move. Additionally, despite its smaller size, the iPad Mini still provides a captivating visual experience and supports an extensive range of apps and features.

iPad Size and Dimensions

iPad sizes and dimensions
iPad sizes and dimensions

The regular iPad model is available in a standard size which is larger than the iPad Mini but still easy to carry around. It has a spacious display that is ideal for tasks that require more screen space. The latest model of the standard iPad has the following dimensions: 

  • Display size: 10.2 inches, 10.9 inches (2022 model)

The iPad is a multi-functional device that can be used for productivity, entertainment, or education. It has a medium size that provides a good balance between portability and functionality, which makes it a popular choice among many users.

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iPad Air Size and Dimensions

iPad Air sizes and dimensions
iPad Air sizes and dimensions

The latest model of the iPad Air boasts a stylish and lightweight design that caters to users who prioritize both aesthetics and convenience. Here are the dimensions for the latest iPad Air model: 

  • Display size: 10.9 inches, 10.5 inches (2019 model), and 9.7 inches (2013 and 2014 models)

The iPad Air has a bigger screen than the regular iPad, which makes the visuals look more engaging. It is also designed to be lightweight and portable so that you can hold it for longer periods and take it along with ease.

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iPad Pro Size and Dimensions

iPad Pro sizes and dimensions
iPad Pro sizes and dimensions

Apple’s flagship tablet is the iPad Pro, designed for professionals and creatives. It boasts a large display and powerful performance. The latest models have the following dimensions:

iPad Pro (11-inch):

  • Display size: 11 inches, 10.5-inches (2017 model), 9.7-inches (2016 model)

iPad Pro (12.9-inch):

  • Display size: 12.9 inches (diagonal)

The iPad Pro models have bigger screens that provide plenty of room for multitasking, creative projects, and immersive media viewing. The size of the iPad Pro reflects its high-performance capabilities and advanced features, which are popular among professionals in industries such as design, video editing, and photography.

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Which iPad Size Should You Choose?

It’s important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all iPad. The most suitable size for you depends on your specific needs. To help you determine which iPad to purchase, let’s explore the different sizes and their typical users.

iPad Pro 12.9-inches

iPad Pro 2020 test

Artists highly prefer the 12.9-inch iPad Pro due to its exclusive Liquid Retina XDR display. Although the difference may seem insignificant to some, artists are known to notice even the slightest details. Additionally, a larger screen is more advantageous for working on the iPad, whether it’s for drawing or taking notes. Nevertheless, it may feel a bit cumbersome to hold it for extended periods of time. However, with a tablet holder, you can enjoy streaming your favorite movies or shows on it.

iPad Pro 11-inches

Apple iPad Pro M2

This size of iPad is popular among students. It is not too big or too small, and is often preferred by those who want to use it for drawing, playing heavy games, editing photos, or taking notes, while also being able to comfortably use it while relaxing on a couch.

iPad Air 10.9-inches

Apple iPad Air 5 with iPadOS 15

The iPad Air is a good option for casual users and students, although it may not offer the same drawing experience as the iPad Pro due to its 60Hz display compared to the Pro’s 120Hz display. However, the Air can still be used for taking notes, browsing social media, reading, typing, and researching. In terms of size, the 11-inch iPad Pro and the iPad Air are almost identical. But the iPad Air has a few limitations in terms of features.

iPad 10.9-inches

Apple iPad 10 tested

Currently, the most popular iPad model is the entry-level one with a slightly smaller screen. In my opinion, this size is perfect for browsing the internet, playing games, doing video calls, working, and completing school tasks. These iPads have a great price, so if you plan to use it daily, it’s a good idea to start with this model and determine if you need more advanced features. If necessary, you can always upgrade to the iPad Air or iPad Pro.

iPad Mini 8.3-inches

Apple iPad Mini 6 Review

The iPad Mini has recently increased in size from 7.9 inches to 8.3 inches, which has made it more popular among tech enthusiasts. Despite its smaller screen size, it has all the capabilities of a regular iPad and offers a more compact and comfortable feel that some people prefer. Additionally, you can use the iPad Mini to control your smart home devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the original iPad?

The original iPad had a 9.7-inch screen, which was the standard size for all the previous standard iPads until the 7th generation released in 2019. The latest model, the iPad 10, has a larger screen size of 10.9 inches compared to its predecessors, the 8th and 9th generation models, which had a screen size of 10.2 inches.

What is the most popular iPad screen size?

The preferred iPad size varies based on age and usage. Some people find the 7.9″ iPad mini more portable, while others choose the larger 12.9″ iPad for activities like writing or graphic editing despite its lack of portability. Consider both screen size and portability when deciding which device to use. It’s worth noting that older users may benefit from a larger screen and better display.

What is the best iPad size for reading a book?

If you’re looking for a good device for reading EPUB books, it’s worth considering a smaller iPad like the iPad mini. It’s easier to carry around, making it a convenient choice for commuting or traveling. However, if portability isn’t a concern, you could also check out the 11-inch iPad Pro, which is another good option.

What is the best iPad size for reading PDFs?

Reading a PDF document on a small device can be difficult as the files may not display the text correctly, requiring you to scroll to both sides. Furthermore, the font size can be tiny. To improve your reading experience, we suggest using an iPad Pro which has a fitting screen size and offers excellent quality.

Which iPad has the biggest screen?

All iPad models have screens of varying sizes, but the iPad Pro 12.9-inch model has the largest screen among them.


To sum up, Apple offers the iPad Mini, standard iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro in different sizes and dimensions to meet various user preferences and requirements. Knowing these dimensions can assist you in selecting the ideal iPad that matches your way of life and intended use. Whether you place value on portability, a bigger display, or high-quality performance, Apple provides several choices to guarantee that you discover the right match.

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