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Apple iPad 7 Accessories: Keyboards, Cases, Stands & Adapter I’m Using

Which Accessories should you get for your Apple iPad 7? These are the keyboards, cases, stands, and adapter I’m using with mine.

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Apple iPad 7 Accessories

While the Apple iPad 7 is not super exciting compared to its predecessor, I still think it’s the best tablet to get for many. It offers good performance, supports the Apple Pencil, and is quite affordable. So, which accessories should you get with your iPad 7?

Apple iPad 7 10.2-inch on* Amazon

These are the covers, keyboards, stands and adapters I’m using with the current iPad.

By the way, I bought all of these accessories including the tablet itself myself.

ESR iPad 7 Case

ESR iPad 7 Case

ESR iPad 7 Case on* Amazon

To protect my iPad 7 from scratches, I got the ESR iPad 7 Case. It protects the tablet from all sides, and you can use it as a stand in two angles. When opening the case, the display gets turned on automatically. I also like that there is a little loop for the Apple Pencil so that you won’t lose it. There are tons of cases like these on Amazon and most of them should be fine. I got this one because I liked the design. The ESR iPad 7 case costs around 15 US Dollars.

By the way, with the iPad 6, I tried the official Apple Smart Cover last year. Even though it protects the screen only, I thought I give it a try. But yes, I should have expected this: The display didn’t get any scratches but there were some on the back fast. So, I can not recommend the official Apple Smart Cover.

KIZUNA Tablet Sleeve

KIZUNA iPad Sleeve

KIZUNA Tablet Sleeve on* Amazon

With all my 10-inch tablets, I’m using the KIZUNA Tablet Sleeve. I think it’s a great choice if you decide to use your iPad with the official keyboard cover. There’s enough space inside the sleeve for both the tablet and the keyboard. Again, I mainly got it because I liked the design. And I also like that there’s another pouch for accessories. The KIZUNA Tablet Sleeve costs 12 US Dollars.

Apple Smart Keyboard: The Official Keyboard

Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad 7

Apple Smart Keyboard on* Amazon

For the iPad 7 Apple is selling the same keyboard cover they’re offering for the iPad Air and the old 10.5-inch iPad Pro. The Smart Keyboard is connected using a magnetic PIN connector. That means you won’t have to charge it separately. One downside is that when closed the display is protected but the back is not. Apple changed that with the newest iPad Pro keyboards, but well, not here.

The keyboard itself works great. Sure, it’s a bit smaller than a standard desktop keyboard and the keys don’t have a long travel. But I’ve gotten used to it fast. I think it’s a great compromise of comfort and portability. I like the keyboard a lot and have written many articles with it already.

Its biggest downside is its price. The Smart Keyboard costs 159 US Dollars which is very expensive.

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Logitech Slim Folio for iPad 7

Logitech Slim Folio Keyboard for iPad 7

Logitech Slim Folio Keyboard on* Amazon

I also want to mention the Logitech Slim Folio Keyboard. It’s not available in Germany where I am right now, so I couldn’t try it yet. But this keyboard cover looks very promising. With the Slim Folio keyboard, you get a keyboard and a cover that protects the iPad from all sides.

With a price tag of around 100 US Dollars it is cheaper than the official one. In this case the keyboard is connected using Bluetooth, however, so you’ve got to charge it separately. I’ve used many Logitech keyboards in the past and usually, the battery life is pretty good.

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard with iPad

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard on* Amazon

A much cheaper alternative without a case is the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard. Depending on where you’re from, it should cost you between 40 and 50 US Dollars. You’ve probably seen it many times in my videos already because I’ve been using it for several years. It’s smaller than a desktop keyboard but with a bit of practice, you can get used to it. You’ve got to connect the keyboard using Bluetooth, so you’ve got to charge it separately. However, the battery life is long. I like that it works great with iOS, Android and Windows.

Logitech K380

Logitech K380 with iPad

Logitech K380 on* Amazon

If you’re looking for a great desktop-class keyboard for your iPad, I can recommend the Logitech K380. That’s a normal size keyboard which is not ideal for traveling but works great on your desk. It is a Bluetooth keyboard too and works with every operating system including iPad OS. Usually, it costs around 30 US Dollars.

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil on* Amazon

The iPad 7 supports the same Apple Pencil they also offer for the iPad 6, iPad Air and iPad Mini. While that stylus is not perfect, I think it’s a great pen overall. Software support in iPad OS is great and there are tons of apps in the app store that support the Apple Pencil. In this case, it’s worth it to spend 99 Dollars on the official accessory. I think the iPad 7 and Apple Pencil are the best choices if you’re looking for a kind of affordable tablet with a pen right now.

Please note though that the Apple Pencil 2 works with the latest iPad Pro tablets only. That one is not supported by the iPad 7.

UGreen Tablet Stand

UGreen Tablet Stand for iPad

UGreen Tablet Stand on* Amazon

I’ve recommended the UGreen Tablet Stand with lots of tablets already. And I also think it’s a great accessory for the iPad. Even though it’s made of plastic, the stand is well made, very light, and mine lasted for over two years until now. The UGreen Tablet Stand costs around US Dollars.

Lamicall Tablet Stand

Lamicall iPad Stand

Lamicall Tablet Stand on* Amazon

If you’re looking for something more stable, you could check out the Lamicall Tablet Stand. That one is made of metal, is very solid, and you can use it in several angles. I can recommend it if you want to place it somewhere kind of permanently, like at your desk or in the kitchen. It’s too big to be transported in your backpack. The Lamicall Tablet Stand costs around 10 US Dollars.

Apple Lightning to SD Card Reader

Apple Lightning to SD Card Adapter

Apple Lightning to SD Card Reader on* Amazon

For years I’ve been using the Apple Lightning to SD Card Reader Adapter. With prices starting at around 25 US Dollars, it’s not cheap, but it does work well. I’ve used it for a long time to transfer photos and videos from some cameras to my iPad. And with iPadOS, you can also use it to transfer other file types using the files app. I like to edit photos in Lightroom on iPads and this adapter is great for that.

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Phone Star OTG Adapter

Phone Star Lightning USB Adapter

Phone Star OTG Adapter on* Amazon

Starting with iPadOS, you can connect many more USB accessories than we’ve been able to in the past. At least in theory. It works great on the iPad Pro with its USB C port. But the simple iPad continues to use the Lightning connector. That’s why I’ve gotten a Phone Star OTG Lightning Adapter that features a USB 3.0 port and a Lightning port so that you can continue to charge the tablet while using the USB port.

Let’s start with something positive first: I’ve had no issues at all using my mouse with this adapter. That works just like on the iPad Pro.

Now, let’s get to the bad news. I’ve tried to connect an external SSD and the iPad recognized it for a couple of seconds. But then it stopped. Since then, the SSD is not recognized anymore by any of my devices including my notebook. I do have some other external SSDs, but I need them and they’re pricy, so I won’t try other SSDs right now.

You can’t connect normal spinning hard drives with this adapter, they need too much energy. And that’s the case with another SD card reader I tried too. There are several reports from users online that confirm that you cannot connect most external hard drives or even large USB sticks because the Lightning port doesn’t offer enough power. If you need to work with lots of external storage, you’ve got to get an iPad Pro right now.

Apple iPad 7 Keyboard
The Apple iPad 7 offers an excellent value for its price. It is the perfect tablet for many - especially if you don't want to spend more than 400 to 500 Dollars. Even though the Apple A10 Fusion processor is an older one, its performance continues to be very good. Yes, the 10.2-inch Retina display is not laminated but it is very sharp and bright. I also like that you can use the Apple Pencil and the official keyboard cover with the simple iPad now. In addition to that, iPadOS is a good operating system with great multitasking support.
  • Bright display
  • Solid performance
  • Full metal body
  • iPadOS with great multitasking
  • Apple Pencil support
  • Official keyboard cover support
  • Long battery life
  • Integrated fingerprint scanner
  • Old design
  • Display not laminated
  • No stereo separation
Buy on* Amazon


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