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These Are The Best Tablets For Fortnite | 2020 Edition

Which are the best tablets for playing Fortnite? We test that Battle Royale game on every tablet we review. Here are our recommendations.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 with Fortnite
Fortnite on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

With the Fortnite fever at an all time high, everyone and their grandma is taking a shot at becoming the next champion of the Battle Royale shooter. And while playing on your PC (or Playstation) after a grueling day of work is all well and good, nothing beats going on a Fortnite shooting spree while stuck in that early morning traffic jam.

But which are the best tablets to play Fortnite on?

We try Fortnite on every tablet we review and here are the ones capable of running that Battle Royale shooter.

Apple iPad Pro (2020): The Best Fortnite Tablet

iPad Pro 2020 12.9 vs. 11 inch

Apple iPad Pro 2020 on* Amazon

For an excellent gaming experience on a tablet, you need a superb chip, an equally great screen, ample RAM, and a fantastic pair of speakers. Apple’s iPad Pro line for 2020 gets all those things just right, making it the best tablet for playing Fortnite on our list. With the latest iteration, Apple has even fired up the eighth graphic core that was lying dormant in the last variant, giving the 2020 model an edge in the graphics department. The A12Z Bionic processor beating under the hood needs no introduction; it’s among the best in business.

Even the smaller 11-inch model gives you enough screen estate to have a nice view of your gameplay, while the 12.9-inch model would be even better, given you’re comfortable handling that big a tablet. You can also put them on a holder and use a controller for an even better experience while playing Fortnite. And fret not, both iPad Pro models come with big batteries that last for hours in a stretch. And if you prefer blasting game sounds from the tablet’s speakers, then there could be no better tablet than the iPad Pro for doing that.

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Apple iPad Air (10.5-inch)

iPad Air 2019 with iOS

Apple iPad Air 2019 on* Amazon

The middle child between the standard iPad and the iPad Pro, the iPad Air strikes a nice compromise between price and performance. Fortnite plays smoothly on its A12 Bionic processor, with no visible difference from the much pricier Pro model, even at the highest graphics settings.

Additionally, at 10.5 inches, the screen size is only a dash smaller than the Pro, which does not take much away from the visual experience. The only major thing you are losing out on is the four speaker configuration of the Pro, but its two speakers are good and you can use headphones.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 test

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 on* Amazon

Without a doubt, the Galaxy Tab S6 is the fastest Android tablet to come out this year, and that is evident while playing games, including Fortnite. Sporting industry-leading hardware, the tablet is capable of running this hot game at Epic graphics settings. Playing Fortnite gets even more engaging with the included set of quad stereo speakers that are louder and fuller than many rivals. It is fascinating to see those speakers working so well sitting inside such a slim body.

Talking of slim, the Samsung flagship tablet is just 5.7mm thick and weighs 420 grams, making it one of the most portable gaming machines, which is packed with excellent hardware. Did we just forget to talk about its display? Nah, that’s impossible! Samsung tablets get the best AMOLED displays out there, and this model is no different. In our battery test, the Tab S6 was among the top 3 performers, which clearly indicates that you’re going to have some extended gaming sessions on this tablet.

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Apple iPad Mini

iPad Mini 2019 test

Apple iPad Mini 2019 on* Amazon

The 2019 iPad Mini is another good option for mobile gaming.

Powered by the same A12 Bionic processor found on the Air, the iPad Mini has no problem in running Fortnite smoothly on the highest graphical settings. The only complaint is the much smaller screen size; at 7.9 inches, it occupies the middle ground between the iPhone and the iPad Pro, which, while reducing the effective gaming area, also makes it more handier.

Apart from that, it is virtually identical to the Air, sporting a Retina resolution and a laminated, anti-reflective display.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 test

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 on* Amazon

Android users have limited options when it comes to playing Fortnite. Your options basically boil down to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S series of tablets, the leading contender of which is the S4.

This is primarily because of the more comfortable 10.5-inch AMOLED display (versus the 9.7 inch screen of the S3) and the superior 7300 mAh battery, which helps to keep the juice flowing during those hours long gaming marathons.

Also, the 2.35GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, while not holding a candle to any of the chips found on the iPad lineup, does get the job done.

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Apple iPad 7 (2019)

Apple iPad 7 gaming test

Apple iPad 7 10.2-inch on* Amazon

The 7th-gen iPad uses the same A10 processor as its predecessor, so how does it make a difference? For one, the new model comes with an increased RAM capacity of 3GB versus 2GB, which is particularly useful for running heavy apps, such as Fortnite. Has it ever happened that you clicked on a notification while gaming, and when got back to the game, your older iPad reloaded it all over again while losing your progress in the process? More RAM could’ve saved you in this situation.

Not just the RAM, the iPad 7 offers solid performance that allows you to play Fortnite at High settings, which is still fantastic for a device that usually costs $300. Its display size has grown to 10.2 inches and its overall dimensions are now closer to those of the iPad Air. While the new display is spacious enough to play Fortnite, the App Store is literally filled with games optimized specifically for the iPad hardware. Considering Apple’s extended software support, the iPad can continue being your main gaming screen for long.

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Apple iPad 6 (2018)

iPad 2018 test

Apple iPad (6th Gen) on* Amazon

If you are looking for a budget option, the talk of all those high end Apple tablets must be turning your mood sour. Well, don’t fret. We have got just the thing for you.

For unlike with Android, even the cheapest iPad model (the 6th generation tablet released in 2018), plays Fortnite flawlessly. Granted, the screen size is a tad smaller (9.7-inch), and not fully laminated. Also, it possesses only two speakers versus the four found on the Pro model, reducing audio output.

But the Apple A10 fusion processor does not skimp much on performance, and you can enjoy Fornite without worrying about lags or glitches.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 on* Amazon

The launch of the S4 pushed down the prices of the Samsung Galaxy S3, making it a viable budget-friendlier alternative to the Tab S4.

Even with the older Snapdragon 820 SoC chipset, the tablet has no glaring issues in playing Fortnite, save for the occasional stuttering when loading many objects at once. The battery is a bit weaker too, at 6000 mAh, which does not last that long while gaming.

The display is a trifle smaller, and the four speaker-array lacks the Dolby Atmos support of its successor, but overall, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab is a good option for playing Fortnite.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Unboxing

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e on* Amazon

This slim tab is the first Samsung device to sport the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor, which is quite capable in running a game like Fortnite. Being the newest kid on the block, software updates are yet to match its hardware performance, leading to problems in playing on anything above ‘low’ settings.

The 10.5-inch screen retains the 16:9 aspect ratio of the S4, along with the quad speaker audio system with the Dolby Atmos support. All in all, the S5e is a decent tab for casual Fortnite gameplay.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with Fortnite

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 on* Amazon

First, let’s get one thing out of the way that the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is not a gaming tablet, and you should understand that from the get-go. It’s primarily a work tablet from the Windows maker, which is designed to prioritize portability. You can still indulge in some casual gaming when you need to take a break after hours of working. And what could be better than a few minutes of Fortnite?

In our testing, we’ve found that the newest portable slate from Microsoft can run the popular game at low to medium settings, which is still respectable considering it’s a Windows machine that isn’t meant for gaming. On the positive side, the tablet offers a display size of over 12 inches and packs a pair of front-facing stereo speakers that add to the experience. Real PC gamers may perhaps be disappointed a bit, but hey, it still works!

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Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Test

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 on* Amazon

The newest Intel Core i5 and the Core i7 8th gen processors are much better than the Intel Core m in playing games, especially Fortnite. This makes Microsoft’s flagship 2-in-1 device another option for playing the Battle Royale game on the go.

Its large 12.3-inch display boasts of a solid resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixels, along with an impressive contrast ratio of 1500:1, which makes for crisp and bright visuals. The audio is loud and clear, along with a decent battery life that compares well to the more efficient ARM processor based competitors.

So while not on par with a dedicated gaming PC, the Microsoft Surface Pro is not a bad option for playing casual games like Fortnite.

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Lenovo MIIX 520

Lenovo MIIX 520 review

Lenovo MIIX 520 on* Amazon

With almost identical specifications to the Microsoft Surface Pro, the Lenovo MIIX 520 offers a nice alternative to the leading 2-in-1 tablet in the market. As it comes with the same 8th generation Core i5 processor that powers the Surface Pro, it is capable of playing Fortnite with low to medium settings.

It is a cheaper alternative if you’re looking for a Windows 2-in-1 that can play Fortnite.

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