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Top 10 Best Mobile Shooter Games in 2024 (I Love Number 3)

From PUBG Mobile to Shadowgun Legends, the mobile FPS and TPS scene has games spanning historical timeframes to futuristic fantasy.

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Not many video game genres offer a thrill like shooting games, where every split second matters. While it’s more common to play shooter games on a PC or console, there are options for mobile gamers. Let’s take a look at the best mobile shooter games right now.

In this article, I’ll focus on first-person shooter titles, which means you usually won’t see much of your character’s model besides their arms and legs. There will be some third-person shooters as well.

Here are the best mobile shooter titles available right now. These are all free to play, but there may be in-game purchases like battle passes, cosmetics and more.

A good number of them are actually PC games ported to mobile devices, but some games will never be ported, but we managed to play some on our Windows tablet.

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PUBG Mobile

pubg mobile screenshot

PUBG Mobile is a version of the PC-based PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds optimized for the mobile experience. It’s a lightweight game that doesn’t require lots of system resources and is even playable on slower tablets or smartphones. You can play the game casually as most do, but there are actually tournaments for the mobile title with large prize pools.

Players are airdropped into an island without any weapons, and they start by scavenging arms and equipment as they explore their surroundings. There are also vehicles to drive around for faster travel. You can switch between third-person or first-person perspectives at will, each with different advantages and weaknesses.

Besides the standard team-based battle royale mode, several other modes include Team Deathmatch, War and Payload. There’s also a Ranked mode where you can fight for a place on the leaderboards around the world. The developers pump out new content regularly to ensure everyone stays entertained.

Developer: Level Infinite
Price: Free

Call of Duty: Mobile

call of duty mobile screenshot

Today, Call of Duty (CoD) isn’t confined to gaming computers or consoles anymore, as you can now download and play Call of Duty: Mobile on your mobile device. The game offers a familiar experience for veterans of the series while also being a great entry point if you’re new to CoD.

There are plenty of classic maps in CoD: Mobile, such as Shipment and Standoff, allowing players to relive the good old days of fragging each other in hectic situations. As with most CoD titles, there are many standard game modes to choose from, while each new season brings new modes for everyone to enjoy. Updates also include new maps, events and rewards.

The CoD series has always emphasized customization, especially in cosmetics like player skins, weapon skins, operator choices and more. All of these are ready to be unlocked or purchased. Get CoD: Mobile for iOS here.

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Free Fire MAX

free fire max screenshot

Free Fire MAX is another battle royale game, but it’s a third-person shooter. Compared to other battle royale games that emphasize equal spawns in the main modes, Free Fire MAX has hero shooter elements. Therefore, by choosing a specific character, you can use abilities to help you get an edge on the battlefield. Games are also shorter at 10 minutes and with a maximum of 50 players each instance.

Players first pick their characters before landing on an island to gather equipment. There are plenty of weapons to suit every playstyle, and with the hero system, you can slowly craft the perfect experience to get your win. There are also alternate game modes like Clash Squad, which is a 4v4 deathmatch mode, and Color Spray, a game mode where you paint bricks with your team’s color, similar to a certain Nintendo title.

Free Fire MAX is the HD version of Free Fire, boasting improved graphics and animations. If your device can handle the former, I recommend trying it out. Both games are almost identical otherwise and crossplay between both apps is the norm.

Free Fire MAX
Free Fire MAX
Price: Free

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Battle Prime

battle prime screenshot

Battle Prime is a shooting game with first-person and third-person views, allowing players to pick from many heroes each with unique abilities. It’s a player-versus-player (PvP)-focused shooter you’ll love if you enjoy games like Call of Duty and Warface. The developers made their own engine, and from what I can see, it looks quite impressive, although nowhere close to a gaming PC.

Players get to unlock new weapons and heroes by playing and completing the battle pass. For those who like clans, Battle Prime has a clan system, a favorite for players who like making new friends. I also found the game’s customization system comparable with larger shooting game titles. You can easily craft a loadout to your liking.

Besides a typical deathmatch, there are modes like Snipers Only and Harvest, which is basically Kill Confirmed in CoD. If you don’t collect an enemy’s tags, kills don’t count toward the score. If there’s nothing to your liking, consider setting up custom games where you make the rules.

Standoff 2

Skill and smarts are the only ways to win in Standoff 2, which is a CounterStrike clone for mobile devices. Most mobile shooters have aim assist to help players hit targets easier, as touchscreens and controllers are less precise than a mouse and keyboard. Standoff 2 has no aiming aids, meaning every shot you hit is pure skill.

As with any CS-based shooting game, the main mode is Defuse. Players are either counterterrorists or terrorists, who must defuse or plant bombs, respectively. There’s also Team Deathmatch, Escalation, and Arms Race mode. In Escalation mode, the bomb is already planted, simulating the late game of Defuse, whereas in Arms Race, each time you kill an enemy, you switch weapons. The first person to kill with a knife wins, and you may know this as Gun Game in different titles.

Standoff 2 has surprisingly decent graphics for a mobile shooter, and it’s really difficult to mess up with a CS clone. Besides some standard game modes, limited ones come and go to freshen things up. If you think you’re good, you can prove it by playing in Competitive Mode. The developers also released Standoff 2 for iOS devices.

‎Standoff 2
‎Standoff 2
Price: Free+
Standoff 2
Standoff 2
Price: Free

Shadowgun Legends

For futuristic shooter fans, Shadowgun Legends is available for free. From what I can see, it takes inspiration from titles like Apex Legends, Destiny and PlanetSide. It’s an FPS game with role-playing games (RPG) and mass multiplayer online (MMO) elements. While it was released in 2018, the game still holds up surprisingly well.

Players create a character known as a Shadowgun, the last line of humanity’s defense. There are PvP and PvE modes, including a campaign and dungeons. Outside of shooting, there are also other gameplay aspects like eating, drinking, and customization. You can ensure your Shadowgun looks great and show off your sense of fashion.

Weapons and armor come in various rarities, and you can carry three guns into any mission. Obtain them from missions, decodes and events. For a game that costs nothing, I’m impressed with how much content there is.

Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS
Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS
Developer: Deca_Games
Price: Free

Pixel Gun 3D

Let’s switch gears and go to pixel shooters like Pixel Gun 3D, a game that will definitely remind you of Minecraft. The blocky aesthetic is distinctive, but the gunplay and combat aren’t undeveloped. This FPS game comes with PvP and PvE experiences, including a never-ending arena mode that you can play until you die or get bored and leave.

I’m surprised to see that Pixel Gun 3D has six weapon slots, allowing you to fight with a varied loadout, including pets. Pets are companions that can fight alongside you but take up a slot. However, having five weapons, be it a gun or melee weapon, is more than what most games offer.

There’s a single-player campaign that tells a story of how a survivor gets to the bottom of the monsters attacking his world. There are also comics to read that add to the narrative.

‎Pixel Gun 3D: Online Shooter
‎Pixel Gun 3D: Online Shooter
Pixel Gun 3D - FPS Shooter
Pixel Gun 3D - FPS Shooter
Developer: Pixel Gun 3D
Price: Free

World War Heroes

No shooting games list is complete without a title based on World War II battles. World War Heroes places players in some of the most well-known WWII battles. You can also pick from four factions: the USSR, the US, Japan, and Germany. It’s as realistic to old times as possible.

There are six main game modes, and the one that caught my eye the most was Officer Defense. Besides eliminating normal enemies, you must take out the enemy team’s officer while protecting yours. HQ Defense and custom games are also available alongside standard team deathmatches.

This game has plenty of weapons, even rare prototypes or models you would only see in books or gun enthusiast websites. This would satisfy any gun nut out there, especially when you can customize the guns by leveling them up. I would say World War Heroes satisfies gamers who love historic settings, from the game modes to the customization.

Infinity Ops

If you like cyberpunk (not the game from CD Projekt Red) settings, I have a feeling you’ll like Infinity Ops, from the same company as World War Heroes. This game is set in the future, where technology has advanced far beyond our current limits.

This class-based FPS game has additional movement options, including jetpacks and low-gravity fields for higher jump height. Players with Titanfall experience will feel right at home with Infinity Ops, especially if movement shooters are your forte. You can pounce on enemies from up high or escape quickly after sniping.

The resemblance to Titanfall doesn’t end in movement. There are mechs, also named Titans, that fall from the sky once the meter is full. It’s apt to say that Infinity Ops is a Titanfall clone based on these traits. That aside, I do like the game’s graphics, which are also optimized for slower devices.


Fortnite has become such a cultural icon that you can barely go online without seeing anyone mention it. I don’t play the game anymore, but I did have fun with friends back in the old days, around Season Seven. Today, the game has evolved from the standard third-person shooter with building mechanics to a title that sees regular references to other franchises.

Besides the standard battle royale mode, LEGO Fortnite is now a game mode. There are even occasional live concerts and games that bring the community together for celebrations. Other times, you can experience live map changes and peeks at the overarching story.

The game has fresh combat thanks to regular updates, but the cosmetics and emotes are on another level. It feels surreal seeing the Master Chief performing dance moves, and he can also fight alongside Peter Griffin from Family Guy and John Cena. While I don’t enjoy Fortnite these days, I admit the game has solidified itself as a worthy cultural phenomenon.

You can download Fortnite for Android devices from the Epic Games website.

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