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The Best Tablet Stands & Holders | 2020 Edition

Which are the best tablet stands on the market today? I’ve tested many in the last couple of years and here are my recommendations.

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Best Tablet Stands

While some tablets feature a built-in kickstand, most can’t stand up on their own. So, if you want to put your tablet somewhere to watch a movie or so, you’ll need a tablet stand for that. I tried lots of different ones in the last 10 years, many of them ended up in the trash, but I kept some that have been great. Here are the best tablet stands you can buy right now.

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UGreen Tablet Stand

UGreen tablet stand

UGreen Tablet Stand on* Amazon

I love the UGreen tablet stand. I’ve been using it for well over two years now and it’s been holding tablets in many of my videos, but also in planes and when I’ve been watching Netflix or YouTube. The stand costs around 10 US Dollars, so it’s quite affordable. At the same time, it looks good and is very light. That’s why it’s great to travel with.

The UGreen tablet stand is made of plastic but it is well made. I’ve gotten the white version but you can get it in black too. If you’re thinking about getting it, make sure that you’re getting the tablet holder because there’s a smaller one for phones too.

Lamicall Tablet Stand – Aluminum

Lamicall aluminum tablet stand

Lamicall Aluminum Tablet Stand on* Amazon

The aluminum Lamicall tablet stand is a much bigger, more solid stand. It’s not great to travel with it because you can’t fold it up at all. Instead, it’s a great stand for your desk. Or for the kitchen. Because it’s made of aluminum, it is very stable and looks great. The tablet stands up much higher which means it wouldn’t be a big deal, if water is spilling in the kitchen, for instance.

As I said, it’s a very solid stand and a great choice if you want to use it at home only. It costs around 14 US Dollars.

Amazon Basics Portable Stand

Amazon Basics tablet holder

Amazon Basics Tablet Holder on* Amazon

The portable stand from Amazon Basics is a very affordable choice as well which costs around 10 US Dollars. When I ordered it I kind of expected to get very cheap plastic. But instead, the stand is made of metal, feels very well made and the hinge opens and closes smoothly too. It’s a bit smaller than the one from UGreen and a bit heavier because it’s made of metal. But that also means that it holds up 11-inch tablets well even though it is quite small.

On the negative side, there is a plastic piece that is used to protect your tablet from scratches which is loose. Based on the reviews on Amazon, it’s always or at least very often loose. That’s a bit disappointing because I’ll probably misplace it eventually.

Lamicall Tablet Stand – Adjustable

Adjustable Lamicall tablet stand

Adjustable Lamicall Tablet Stand on* Amazon

The in its height-adjustable tablet stand from Lamicall can be an interesting choice if you’re looking for a light and portable holder, that does not have to sit on the bottom of the table like the ones from UGreen or Amazon. With this one from Lamicall, you can adjust the height by pressing a button on the stand.

It can be a useful feature if you can’t or don’t want to rotate your tablet and need some space at the bottom for a USB or audio cable. Or if you’re using it in the kitchen and bathroom in a wet environment.

Here, the stand is made of plastic. It feels a bit cheap but works well. You’ll have to pay around 10 US Dollars.

Lamicall Gooseneck Tablet Holder

Lamicall gooseneck tablet holder

Gooseneck Lamicall Tablet Holder on* Amazon

For a long time, I didn’t know what to think of those gooseneck tablet holders. But well, I did try the one from Lamicall which had good reviews. And let’s start with the good stuff first: These gooseneck tablet holders do work. I’ve used it at my desk and on my bed. And while it looks a bit weird, it does hold tablets well. The largest I tried is the 11-inch iPad Pro.

On a negative note, the clamping thing on the bottom looks and feels very cheap. Well, it is cheap plastic. But, as I said, it does work. The Lamicall gooseneck tablet holder costs around 19 US Dollars.

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