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Best App For X (Twitter) For Android Tablets | 2024 Edition

You’re looking for the best app for X or Twitter? Well, nowadays the selection of clients is extremly small!

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Around a year ago, Twitter users could access the social media website using third-party apps. While many were free, others were paid apps that promised bonuses like in-depth notification organization and zero ads. I didn’t use third-party apps, but some friends used them for various reasons.

Unfortunately, besides the official app, the best Twitter apps for Android made by third parties are entirely useless now. Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter and upended the platform, it underwent dramatic changes. One of these changes was removing third-party application programming interface (API) access to Twitter, now known as X.

Twitter Removes Third-Party API Access

Before the policy change in early 2023, Twitter had a decent relationship with third-party client developers. According to the Verge, Twitter acquired third-party apps and made them official. One example was Tweetie, which became the official iPhone client in 2010. The company tolerated many of these apps for a long time.

Free access to the Twitter API was the norm until Elon Musk took over Twitter and renamed it X. The Developer’s account stated that free access to the API would end on February 9, 2023. What this meant was third-party apps could no longer make requests to Twitter, as they no longer had access. Naturally, apps like Twitterific and possibly your favorite gimmick bot accounts left the platform.

Therefore, apps like Fenix 2, Friendly and Talon are useless and won’t let you log in to your account. I’ve done a lot of research, and many people confirm that there’s nothing they can do. Until the policy changes again, this remains the status quo in early 2024.

You can follow MyNextTablet on X here!

Stick with the Official Twitter App

For most people, it’s best to stick to the official X app on Android. It’s the only official way to access your account right now. Despite any strange changes that pop up thanks to Elon Musk’s strange requests, it’s the most stable way to see what the world is up to. Of course, you can create an account for free and enjoy connecting with people from around the globe.

However, a Premium subscription is available if you don’t mind paying some money. It comes in three tiers: Basic, Premium and Premium +. A paid subscription lets you make longer posts, upload extended videos and more. You can also access Grok, X’s AI, if you pay for the Premium+ plan, but it’s only limited to specific regions right now.

While I miss the older days when people with blue checkmarks weren’t everywhere filling up the replies to a post, there’s not much we can do but hope the company doesn’t attempt to shoot itself in the foot. Even if I use X daily, I still don’t intend to pay for a Premium plan. The free-to-use experience is fine because I don’t mind writing in threads.

I Tried Getting Fritter

To confirm every option besides the official app doesn’t work, I tried getting Fritter for Android on my tablet. It’s an open-source front-end app for X/Twitter, but it doesn’t work at all. Sadly, it also doesn’t work on my smartphone.


Due to Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter and the many changes he enacted, every third-party Twitter app can’t access X/Twitter anymore. We can only use the official app now because it’s the most straightforward and convenient option. Until things change and access to the API is free again, we can only accept the situation and move on.

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