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Top 10 Best Photo Apps for Android | 2024 Edition

We have picked the best photo apps for Android tablets in 2024. Try them out and find your favourite.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra with Adobe Lightroom

Photo editing is a skill that’s been quite in demand and is being picked by regular social media users to impress their followers or add some aesthetics to their feed. Nowadays, there are multitude of photo apps for Android devices that can easily help you edit your pictures and give them a professional touch with advanced filters and more. Not just editing, there are many app that can make use of your tablet’s camera and help you get the best shots based on the time of the day. But which are the best photo apps for Android tablets? We have got you covered as we tried and tested many and finally chose 10 best apps for Android. 

Best Photo Apps for Android 

Thanks to the premium and mid-range Android tablets currently on the market like the Samsung Tab S9 series, Tab S9 FE+, Pixel Tablet, and others, editing photos on Android tablets has become much more enjoyable. AMOLED screens make the entire experience worthy as they display the right set of colors and render perfect images with advanced camera setup. Below we have picked the best photo apps for Android that you can easily test on your tablet and keep the one that fulfills all your photo editing requirements. 

10 Best Photo Apps for Android Tablets in 2024

Below are the best photo apps for your Android tablet. We tried and tested each of these apps and have picked them based on their features and efficiency. 


Pixtica for Android tablet

Pixtica is my go-to camera app on Android. It is designed for both photographers and filmmakers. With its intuitive interface, Pixtica offers advanced manual camera settings, a gallery, and feature-packed photo and video editing capabilities. The app also includes GIF creation tools, a meme editor, a document scanner, and the ability to create Tiny Planet images. While Pixtica offers a limited free version, upgrading to the paid version unlocks additional features such as watermarks removal, access to a wide range of stickers, textures, filters, overlay effects, and more. It’s an all-in-one app for capturing, editing, and sharing my photos and videos on an Android tablet.

Key features of Pixtica:

  • Intuitive gallery, manual controls, and advanced editing.
  • Meme editor, document scanner, and GIF creation.
  • Magic Hours feature for perfect outdoor lighting.
  • Affordable one-time purchase or annual subscription.


PREQUEL for Android tablet

Prequel is a popular photo and video editing app known for its trendy vintage and film-inspired filters and effects. The app boasts a large collection of over 800+ filters and effects, segmented by different styles like VHS, retro, Indie Kid, Y2K, and film simulations. If you are someone who is particular about aesthetics in your photos, this app is just the right pick. 

The only drawback about this app is that it is not completely optimized for tablets as the interface is in mobile view but it does pack a lot of features for users who are super active on social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat. I liked the range of filters and how aesthetically pleasing they are. Keep in mind that some of the filters are limited to the paid version but even the free filters are good. Filters can be applied with a single tap, and adjustments can be made easily with sliders. In addition to filters, Prequel offers various creative tools to enhance your photos and videos.These include light leaks, dust overlays, grain, customizable presets, D3D animation for still images, and AR objects.

Prequel has a free version with access to a good selection of filters and features. A paid subscription (Prequel Gold) unlocks the full library of filters and effects, advanced editing tools, and unlimited exports.

Key Features of The PreQUEL:

  • Great for aesthetically pleasing edits.
  • User-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools.
  • Large variety of vintage and film-inspired filters and effects.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Adobe Lightroom for Android tablet

Adobe is a well-known name in the world of photography, and their Lightroom Mobile app brings professional editing tools to Android tablets. With Lightroom CC, I can edit my photos professionally and on the go. The app supports DNG format and offers a range of editing tools, including a color mixer, haze removal, repair brush, and more. 

Lightroom CC is suitable for beginners and professionals alike, with automatic adjustments based on parameters or the option to manually fine-tune my images. The app also features interactive tutorials to guide me through the editing process. While the app is free to use, a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud unlocks additional features and cloud storage for my photos.

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Key Features of Adobe Lightroom Mobile:

  • DNG format support and integrated camera.
  • Automated enhancements and detailed manual tools.
  • Free and paid versions with Creative Cloud subscription options.


Snapseed for Android tablet

Snapseed is my go-to powerful photo editing app that goes beyond basic editing tools. With features typically found in desktop software suites, Snapseed is a favorite among professional photographers. The app boasts an intuitive interface and offers a wide range of editing tools. I can adjust white balance, brightness, exposure, and more. 

Snapseed also provides a variety of filters and preset effects to enhance my photos. The app’s repair tool allows me to remove objects or defects effortlessly, and interactive tutorials help me navigate the app’s many features. Snapseed is available for free on both Android and iOS devices.

Key Features of Snapseed:

  • Comprehensive editing tools and preset filters.
  • Intuitive interface with easy adjustments.
  • Available for free on iOS and Android.


Photopills for Android tablet

PhotoPills is my comprehensive photography app designed to help me plan and organize my photo sessions. With this app, I can easily track the position of the sun, moon, Milky Way, and other celestial elements. It is an amazing app for astrophotography enthusiasts who have flagship Android tablets like Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. 

PhotoPills uses augmented reality to help me frame my shots and provides information about optimal shooting times based on my location. The app is particularly useful for landscape photographers, offering features like exposure calculation, depth of field calculation, and time-lapse sequence calculation. While PhotoPills comes with a price tag of $9.99, its extensive features and ease of use make it an invaluable tool for astrophotographers. 

Key Features of Photo Pills:

  • Sun, moon, and Milky Way positioning details.
  • Augmented reality mode for framing shots.

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VSCO for Android tablet

VSCO is my preferred photo editing app that offers a wide range of filters and editing tools. With over 200 photo filters and advanced editing capabilities, VSCO allows me to give a professional touch to my photos. It also allows users to do movies like color grading for their pictures. It comes with powerful editing tools for editing your photos, including exposure, contrast, saturation, white balance,and HSL sliders.

The app also offers a community feature where I can participate in challenges and get inspiration from other photographers. One of the standout features for me is the clean and minimal UI of this app on my Android tablet. 

While VSCO is free to use, upgrading to the advanced membership unlocks additional features such as a wider selection of filters, video editing capabilities, and the ability to layer videos and photos to create unique collages.

Key Features of VSCO:

  • Over 200 photo filters and advanced editing tools.
  • Film imitation settings for a vintage touch.
  • Free version available, with advanced membership options.

Lensa AI Photo Editor 

Lensa for Android tablet

Lensa AI – photo & video editor: This is the more popular app, often simply called “Lensa.” It’s known for its AI-powered features. The app features Automatic retouching, which can be used for smoothing skin, brightening eyes, etc., with the help of AI. It also offers tools for adjusting facial features, hair enhancement, and creative makeup options. You can also do background editing with this app and add features like blurring, replacing, or adding dynamic effects to backgrounds. The app lets you transform your photos with artistic and classic filters, and effects.

It also offers more traditional editing tools like adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation. It has a free version with limited features and a subscription for full access. The app has a free version with in-app purchases for additional features.

Key Features of Lensa AI Photo Editor:

  • AI-powered retouching and creative effects
  • Automatic retouching, unique art styles, face & portrait tools
  • Free version with limited features, subscription for full access

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Photo Director

PhotoDirector for Android tablet

Photo Director is yet another great app for photo editing on your Android tablet. The app  comes with a bunch of cool features in the free version, and if you want premium features, then you can upgrade to the paid version. PhotoDirector gives you all the tools you need such as editing background, adjusting brightness or adding filters, and more. You can even add rain, butterflies, or even fire to your photos to make them more engaging for your social media account.

You can also create collages with tons of layouts, frames, and stickers using Photo Director. There are several other AI-powered features within the app that you can use to enhance your pictures and add a pro touch to them. One thing that’s quite strange with the app is that it does not allow you to take a screenshot. 

Key Features of Photo Director:

  • AI-powered background swap feature
  • Impressive editing tools with filters and frames
  • Built-in collage maker tool


Pixlr for Android tablet

Pixlr is my chosen photo editing app that provides a wide range of powerful editing tools and creative features. With Pixlr, I can make basic adjustments like brightness, contrast, and saturation, as well as more advanced edits such as curves, levels, and color balance. The app also offers AI-powered features like auto-enhance and background removal to streamline the editing process. Pixlr’s double exposure feature allows me to blend two images into one, creating captivating and artistic effects. The app supports working with layers, enabling me to create complex photo compositions and stunning collages. Pixlr is available for Android devices and offers both free and paid versions.

Key Features of Pixlr:

  • Extensive selection of editing tools and creative features.
  • AI-powered enhancements and advanced selection tools.
  • Collage-maker for combining multiple photos.

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Open Camera

Open Camera for Android tablet

Open Camera is yet another good photo app for Android that offers exceptional control over my photography. With manual controls for exposure, white balance, ISO, focus, and shutter speed, Open Camera allows me to capture the perfect shot. The app also supports RAW format, timelapse photography, and features like a histogram for precise exposure control. It also features Histogram that lets you see the distribution of tones in your photo, ensuring proper exposure and avoiding blown highlights or crushed shadows.

With its extensive features and professional-level controls, Open Camera is my go-to app for Android tablet users who want full control over their photography. The app is quite lightweight and can even run of underpowered tablets. 

Key features of Open Camera:

  • Manual controls for exposure, white balance, ISO, and more.
  • RAW support and histogram feature
  • No subscriptions, no in-app purchases, completely free app.


We think you must try every app on the list and then keep the best Android photo app that ticks all the boxes for you. We cannot really pick a favorite as we found each app on this list to be good enough to feature. Based on your personal needs, find one of the best photo apps for Android tablets from our list, you can of course keep more than one app. Let us know in the comments which app you liked the most. 

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