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Gmail Now Opens Links in Split Screen View on Android Tablets & Foldables

Enhanced split screen view feature on Gmail and other apps will enhance multitasking on Android tablets

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Gmail split screen on tablets

Google seems to be on a roll with the ongoing optimizations for its first-party apps for smartphones and tablets. These updates aim to streamline tasks such as email management, document editing, and note-taking on larger devices like tablets and foldable phones. This week, Google highlighted third-party optimizations made by Zoom, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Dropbox, Evernote, and Todoist. Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides now support multi-instance. Most interesting of all, Gmail now also supports split-screen mode for links and attachments.

From now on, when you click on a link in an email, it will open in a side-by-side window, called Chrome Custom Tab, instead of taking up the entire screen. This means that the Gmail view will be reduced to take up the left half of the screen, while the inbox sidebar will disappear and only the message body will remain visible. Additionally, if you click on a Google Docs or YouTube link, it will open in their respective apps on the right side of the screen.

Gmail split screen on tablet

If you resize the webpage to a smaller size, Gmail will automatically switch to its tablet user interface with three columns of information. Today, Gmail’s split-screen feature is widely available on larger devices such as the Pixel Fold and other Android tablets.

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Not just Gmail, here’s how other apps have been optimized to make the Android experience better for large-screen devices. The below mentioned productivity features are now available on Android tablets and foldable phones. Maru Ahues Bouza, Director of Product Management, Android Developer, announced the updates and said,“Android is persistently collaborating with developers to optimize beloved apps for the expanded screens of tablets and foldable phones.”

Google Docs

In Google Docs, the formatting toolbar is now more visible to the users for quick editing on foldable phones and tablets. If no physical keyboard is connected, an on-screen keyboard can be accessed with a single tap.

Zoom’s application has a new design specifically for foldable smartphones in tabletop mode, which enables you to participate in Zoom meetings without using your hands. The video is displayed on the upper half of the screen while meeting controls are located on the bottom.

Adobe Acrobat Reader has been optimized to make the most of larger Android screens. The app supports multitasking and allows users to drag and drop PDF files in split-screen mode. In addition, the app enables the viewing of two PDFs side by side.

Adobe Acrobat Reader split screen

The Dropbox app now automatically adjusts its size to fit the larger screens of foldable phones and tablets. It also allows for the connection of an external mouse and keyboard, thus improving usability.

Evernote, the note-taking app, now offers support for stylus to annotate documents or handwritten notes. If you’re using a tablet or foldable phone in landscape mode, the app has a two-pane layout that helps you organize your notes better. Moreover, the widget layout of Evernote adjusts itself to various sizes and orientations, making it a flexible option for users.

On large-screen devices, Todoist uses a two-pane layout to improve note access and readability. The app has also made navigating settings and inbox simpler for easy navigation.

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