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Apple iPad Pro 2021 May Launch Next Week, Here’s Everything We Know So Far

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Apple has a streak of launching its latest iPad in March every year, but this year, the company seems to be slating the launch for April. As per the latest information shared by LeaksApplePro on Twitter, Apple could launch the iPad Pro 2021 quietly. And with ‘quietly’, we mean that the Cupertino giant could skip a virtual launch event for the tablet. The leak source also hints that Apple could make the upcoming iPad official by April 12, 2021. It could be the only device to go official.

We find this piece of information somewhat believable because LeaksApplePro boasts a proven track record after reporting the launch date of iPhone 13 correctly.

Apple iPad Pro 2021: Rumored Pricing, Specs

Apple could price the upcoming iPad Pro 2021 on a higher side at around $1000. And if the leaks are to be believed, Apple could debut a mini-LED display iPad Pro that would enhance the color quality of screens.

The company will be upping the game with better screens by using the latest display technologies. The company could also enhance the power with A14X chip and also future-proof connectivity support. If the leaks turn out to be true, we could be getting the most powerful iPad and arguably the best tablet on the market.

As per the report by MacOtakara, Apple might retain the design of the iPad Pro. We could be getting the same design as the current version of the tablet with some plausible minor changes like thinner bezels and fewer speaker holes. Apple might also make the camera bump less protruding.

You can refer to these leaked renders of the alleged iPad Pro 2021 to see how Apple could retain the current design. The upcoming Apple tablet could also be 0.5 mm thicker, which would not be very noticeable.

Another rumor about the upcoming tablet hints that it could be the first iPad to feature 5G connectivity. Some of the reports also hint that the iPad Pro 2021 could embrace Thunderbolt connectors in place of USB-C, enabling faster data syncing and allowing more comprehensive connectivity for external devices like monitors, hard drives, and more. 

Apple could be using the A14X chipset based on its powerful M1 chipset used on the latest MacBooks. Some of the other rumors hint that Apple could also choose to use an advanced version of the A12Z chipset used on the current lineup of the iPad Pro and name it the A13Z chipset.

What We Wish To See On Upcoming iPad

iPad Pro 2020 body

While the rumors and leaks have largely covered a chunk of what we expect to see on the upcoming iPad, there are still a few features on our wishlist that we would love Apple to fulfill. For starters, we would love it if the latest iPad comes with an under-display Touch ID.

We would also be enthralled if Apple makes a 360-degree turn on the design and embraces a foldable display similar to the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold. Although not every user would want a foldable display, we think that this would make the iPad Pro 2021 truly stand out.

Another wish on our list is for Apple to add support for widgets alongside app icons on the upcoming iPad Pro. This feature has already been added to last year’s iPhone, but it kept it away from iPads. We will also applaud Apple if it manages to add Apple Watch support. Apple Watch integration for iPad would allow users to unlock the tablet with the wearable. It would also enable them to get notifications on the smartwatch.

Considering all the leaked information and the probable launch date, we have our eyes set on the iPad Pro 2021. Are you excited about the next big tablet by Apple? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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