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Top 10 Best Android Games Of All Time For Tablets

Here are the 10 best Android games of all time. Here are the 10 best Android games of all time that you must try on your Android tablet!

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Asphalt 9

Tablets have become damn good gaming consoles, offering countless top-notch games worth playing. From action-packed fun racers, epic open-world RPGs to console-quality first-person shooters, the Google Play Store is home to many gems that will make any gamer’s heart beat faster.

One thing is for sure: the ten games presented here all score high with excellent gameplay, stylish visuals, and high long-term motivation, having been played by millions of gamers worldwide.

So, grab your tablet, download our recommendations, and read about what we find particularly impressive about these games that we deem them the best Android games of all time!

1. Asphalt 9: Legends

Galaxy Tab A9 Plus hands-on review

Asphalt 9: Legends is one of the most beautiful and motivating games on the Google Play Store. The vehicles are impressively detailed, and the stylish effects are a feast for the eyes.

The game offers a whopping 185 tracks and 13 real locations like Cairo, San Francisco, or Osaka, along with numerous speedy rides.

The gameplay is fast-paced and action-packed. To skyrocket your adrenaline, you’ll not only be constantly bumped by your nasty rivals but will also have to deal with natural disasters like giant avalanches and huge tornadoes.

Asphalt 9: Legends also scores with its extensive content. The single-player mode includes over 900 solo career events. Moreover, you can participate in live races with up to 8 players. It’s also possible to create your own racing club and team up with players from around the world to unlock rewards together.

Additionally, there are over 150 supercars from famous manufacturers like Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini that you can unlock and customize. Improve the driving characteristics, adjust colors, and add individual parts to give your sports car a unique touch and make it even faster.

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The controls work seamlessly via the touchscreen. Moreover, Asphalt 9: Legends allows you to play the game with a PS5 controller, providing even more precise drifting through curves and ramming rivals out of the way.

The only downside: Like many free-to-play games, you may have to wait a while to continue playing if you don’t want to invest real money. Investing money allows you to accelerate your progress. If you want to unlock all vehicles, etc., for free, you’ll need to spend a lot of time on the racetracks, and after a while, it can feel repetitive. But that’s complaining at a high level because the gameplay itself is incredibly fun.

So, despite the criticism of the freemium model, Asphalt 9: Legends is one of our favorite racing games on the Google Play Store. It looks beautiful, feels fast-paced, and invites you to take a few laps over and over again. Thanks to its beautiful graphics, abundant variety of tracks and vehicles, and action-packed gameplay, the game is one of the best arcade racing games for Android tablets and keeps players motivated for hours with its multiplayer mode and over 900 career events.

Google Play Store: Asphalt 9: Legends

2. Genshin Impact

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE with Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play open-world action role-playing game that offers a console-worthy experience both visually and in terms of gameplay.

The role-playing game stands out, especially for its vast, freely explorable open world, promising weeks of gaming fun and harboring numerous secrets.

The combat system feels wonderfully intuitive, fast, and enjoyable. I also appreciate the soundtrack and voice-over. The touchscreen controls work well, but the game is even more enjoyable with a controller.

What I didn’t expect: Even the game’s story is surprisingly well-crafted and engaging. Additionally, there are plenty of motivating quests to keep us hooked.

I quickly grew fond of the various characters in Genshin Impact. There are dozens of playable characters, each with unique abilities. You’ll need these because certain elements are more effective against specific enemies. Mixing and matching your four players in the team is the key to success. Unfortunately, unlocking some of these characters through the in-game Gacha system can be time-consuming, which can feel frustrating. Optionally, you can accelerate progress through microtransactions. I’m generally not a fan of such payment mechanics, but here, I find it justified if you invest a few euros.

Note that if you’re new to Genshin Impact, quests are level-specific. There are entire questlines you can’t start until you reach a certain level. It’s not easy to level up in Genshin Impact, as you need to level up four characters simultaneously to keep your team balanced. Patience is required to level up your characters quickly.

With regular updates, seasonal events, and constant new content, the developers have created a universe with Genshin Impact that continues to evolve, allowing players to join in at any time and be part of the action.

The combination of impressive technology, motivating gameplay, and an exciting story makes Genshin Impact a real hit for action role-playing enthusiasts and one of the best games for Android tablets.

Google Play Store: Genshin Impact

3. Dead Trigger 2


Dead Trigger 2 is one of those cool games that you enjoy playing a quick round of in between. The action first-person shooter scores with great graphics, excellent gameplay, and a substantial amount of content.

In your hideout, which serves as a hub, you’ll find different characters: the weapon smith, the scientist, the smuggler, the medic, and the technician. With these equally funny and helpful characters, you can, for example, purchase new weapons and upgrades.

The more missions you successfully complete, the more practical items and upgrades you can unlock.

Dead Trigger 2 offers 10 regions and 33 different battlegrounds. The story campaigns are action-packed and entertaining. Additionally, you can participate in weekly tournaments. This game motivated me for many weeks, and even after numerous hours of gameplay, it’s still suitable for a short session.

In Dead Trigger 2, there are over 70 different weapons to permanently dispatch zombies. Examples include pistols, rifles, submachine guns, miniguns, rocket launchers, shotguns, and even crazy weapons like explosive-equipped chickens. Moreover, you have melee weapons such as a wrench, baseball bat, hammers, the katana, a chainsaw, swords, and machetes to choose from.

Thanks to the variety of weapons and items, you have countless creative ways to eliminate the undead. The arena-like gameplay feels fast and entertaining, consistently inviting you to play “just one more mission.”

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The controls of Dead Trigger 2 are straightforward and responsive. You automatically shoot when aiming at an enemy, and you can control either via touch controls or a virtual joystick. Furthermore, the game offers full controller support. Playing Dead Trigger 2 with a separate controller is even more enjoyable for me, as it feels more precise and “console-like.”

The game is entirely playable for free. However, if you desire, you can buy weapons, etc., and shorten your wait time for the next mission by investing real money.

Dead Trigger 2 is a fantastic first-person shooter at console level. The game consistently invites you to dive into the virtual apocalypse and make a bit of a racket, thanks to its action-packed, entertaining gameplay, unlockable gadgets, and great graphics.

Google Play Store: Dead Trigger 2

4. Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers has been one of the most popular endless runners in the app store for years.

The game’s story may not be Oscar-worthy, but it serves its purpose: Your task is to help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the annoying inspector and his dog.

But let’s be honest: The story is about as important for an endless runner as it is for Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario. What matters in such games is the gameplay!

In Subway Surfers, you sprint and grind on train tracks and trains. You must dodge obstacles and collect items like coins and useful items, such as a color-powered jetpack. With the jetpack, you progress faster and are practically invincible. The jetpack is essentially the counterpart to the iconic star in Super Mario Bros.

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The gameplay is fast-paced, challenging, and quickly becomes addictive!

Subway Surfers’ graphics are colorful and in a comic style. The art design is pleasantly timeless, as it doesn’t rely on realistic textures or photorealistic lighting.

If you have even the slightest interest in endless runners or jump ‘n’ runs, you should definitely give Subway Surfers a chance. It will quickly grind its way into your heart!

While Subway Surfers is free, there are in-app purchases to progress faster or not have to start from the beginning if you run into an obstacle. However, even without spending money, Subway Surfers is a lot of fun and doesn’t feel incomplete.

Google Play Store: Subway Surfers

5. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 1 by Imangi Studios has shaped the genre like no other game, and its successor refines the endless runner formula with a few fine ingredients.

The sequel takes it up a notch and boasts an incredible 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store. The graphics and animations are even more beautiful, featuring various characters, and the gameplay and level design have been further refined.

You step into the shoes of Guy Dangerous, a red-haired Indiana Jones doppelganger. Guy, having grabbed a valuable artifact, is fleeing from gigantic demon monkeys in stylish levels that unfold both outdoors and indoors.

Since the latest update, you run through a snowy Christmas world, perfectly fitting for the holiday season. You move by tilting the tablet left and right to steer, swipe up to leap over chasms, and swipe down to slide under fallen trees. Occasionally, you also control a minecart or, in the current update, a sleigh, having to dodge obstacles with them as well.

The continuous movement and the sense of speed in Temple Run 2 provide a real adrenaline rush while playing. With Subway Surfers, this game is undoubtedly our favorite endless runner in the Google Play Store.

The randomly generated levels, typical for the genre, have no predefined end. Sections only conclude when your character runs into something or falls. This fosters the addictive cycle because you always want to push your score higher and, especially, beat your friends’ high score. It’s also possible to share your progress on social media. However, be warned, as this might possibly “challenge” your buddies and prompt them to beat your high score again.

During a run, you collect coins that you can use to buy power-ups, such as durable shields.

However, some items are only available after unlocking additional characters. You can also buy new abilities like the coin magnet. With the coin magnet – as the name suggests – you attract coins to yourself while navigating through the level.

Furthermore, during the run, you’ll find gems, which serve to enhance the effectiveness of your power-ups.

There are also microtransactions to buy coins with real money. This is not necessary, but it makes acquiring useful items much easier.

In summary, Temple Run 2 is fast, hectic, and above all, a lot of fun. So, put on your Indiana Jones outfit and run and jump as far as you can.

Apple App Store: Temple Run 2

6. Plants vs. Zombies 2 – Humorous Tower Defense Game with Addictive Gameplay

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a lovingly crafted action-strategy game with a significant addictive factor.

With its blend of cute comic style, deep gameplay, and creatively designed plants and zombies, the game feels pleasantly different from other tower defense games.

The gameplay is quickly explained. The mission is to defend your garden against zombies. With special fertilizer, you summon a powerful plant army to blow away countless undead. Sounds odd but is incredibly fun!

The tower defense concept is taken to the next level with creative plants like the lava guava and the laser bean, as well as funny zombies like the rocket backpack zombie. The challenging levels require a well-thought-out strategy to destroy the zombies and protect your garden.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 offers hundreds of creatively designed plants and zombies. From sunflower, pea shooter to other funny garden warriors like the mermaid imp, there is a lot of variety. By earning seed packets, you can make your plants stronger and improve their abilities. This variety of plants and power-ups provides Plants vs. Zombies 2 with extensive tactical options to defeat the zombies.

Additionally, in Plants vs. Zombies 2, you can compete with other gamers in engaging arena duels. Success in PvP battles earns you coins, piñatas, and more. The arena mode is an excellent way to test your strategy and simultaneously climb up the leaderboards.

The game’s scope is also impressive. With eleven unique worlds, including Ancient Egypt and the Distant Future, Plants vs. Zombies 2 offers many different environments and challenges. Over 300 levels, tricky endless zones, fun mini-games, and daily piñata party events ensure long-lasting motivation. Although I’ve been playing the game on my smartphone and tablet for years, it still brings me great joy.

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At the end of each world, you face the nasty Dr. Zomboss. You can only defeat this end boss with wit and the right defensive plants.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 also features microtransactions. While the game can be downloaded for free, there is an option to buy in-game currency and power-ups through in-app purchases to accelerate progress.

The longer you play, the more frustrating this can become, as you need gold for new plants, etc., which you can only obtain through luck and long gaming sessions or by spending real money. However, with a bit of patience, you can still make progress, and we don’t see it as overly critical. The frequent in-game ads could be reduced a bit, though, as they can be a bit nerve-wracking.

In summary, Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a charming, challenging action-strategy game for tablets. With its funny presentation, the variety of plants and zombies, the arena mode, and the extensive content, it has won my heart.

Google Play Store: Plants vs. Zombies 2

6. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a popular battle royale game known for its sleek, smooth graphics and intense tactical gameplay.

The game features vast open maps and a variety of game modes, weapons, and equipment. You can engage in classic mode, competing with up to 99 other players for victory, or challenge yourself in modes like Payload, Infection, or 4v4 Team Arena.

The basic gameplay for the classic mode is straightforward: you play as a mercenary who parachutes onto an island with up to 99 other players. Upon landing, you scavenge the area for weapons, ammunition, armor, and other supplies. The survival battle continues until only one player remains. The game’s map is initially large, but the playable area shrinks rapidly. The electric storm surrounding the island forces players closer together as the game progresses.

The combination of tactical, intense gameplay, stunning graphics, and smooth touch controls makes me consistently eager to dive into the battle. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is, therefore, one of my favorite shooters for Android tablets.

Google Play Store: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

8. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto odyssey on Galaxy Tab A9 plus

Alto’s Odyssey is one of the few games that impresses with great art design, creative gameplay, and commendable developer philosophy. The game is entirely free, has minimal ads, and still offers substantial content, making it ideal for a quick session now and then.

In Alto’s Odyssey, you surf through a stylish and atmospheric desert world, traversing beautiful biomes while collecting valuable items and avoiding obstacles and chasms. Additionally, you can perform tricks, such as tapping the screen and holding your finger to execute backward somersaults. Correctly landing a somersault gives you a speed boost. Combining a series of tricks like multiple somersaults and grinds grants even more significant boosts. The timing of the somersaults is crucial for success in the game, and Alto’s Odyssey quickly becomes captivating.

The stylish desert environments and biomes look stunning, creating a fantastic atmosphere. Storms and the day-night cycle add extra variety to each run, contributing to Alto’s Odyssey’s unique charm.

One of Alto’s Odyssey’s major strengths is the feeling of constantly exploring new worlds without knowing what awaits you next.

If you simply want to enjoy the beautiful landscapes without worrying about the consequences of mistakes, you can play the Zen mode and jump right back in once you crash.

Unlike many other games for tablets and smartphones, this game, with its unique art and sound design, has an almost calming effect on me. I recommend Alto’s Odyssey to anyone who appreciates games with a distinct style and an extraordinary atmosphere.

Google Play Store: Alto’s Odyssey

9. Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares

The console port of Little Nightmares from Bandai Namco is a true hit even as a tablet version.

It’s a survival horror jump ‘n’ run game dressed in the style of a Tim Burton stop-motion film. You control a little girl named Six, navigating her way through a decaying, floating ship inhabited by monstrous caricatures and flesh-hungry tentacles. Six embarks on this eerie adventure armed only with her wits and a Zippo.

The game exudes a beautifully eerie atmosphere full of darkness, eccentricity, and creativity.

The level design alternates between tight air ducts and more extensive areas of the Maw—the ship where the girl is trapped.

The gameplay combines 3D platforming with puzzle elements.

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The touch controls work well. However, I find it unfortunate that there is currently no controller support.

My only real criticism is that the main campaign lasts only about three hours. If you want to complete the game 100%, including collecting everything, you can add a few more hours.

If a beautiful, unique 3D platformer with survival horror elements sounds appealing to you, then you can’t pass up the hauntingly beautiful Little Nightmares.

Google Play Store: Little Nightmares

10. Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

I spent countless hours playing Mario Kart 64 and its successors with friends. Describing the joy it brought me to fire a well-aimed green shell at the leader on the final straight, only to overtake them at the last second, is hard to put into words.

I was eager to see how my favorite video game series from my childhood and youth would fare on the tablet.

One thing is for sure: Mario Kart Tour injects new life into Nintendo’s time-tested fun racing formula.

It’s great that the game continually receives new content. Mario Kart Tour offers “tours,” two-week sets of tracks and challenges. Each tour introduces a new racecourse, whether from previous Mario Kart games or occasionally entirely new tracks. Most brand-new tracks are based on real locations, and it feels genuinely refreshing to race through cities around the world. When you’re not speeding through Tokyo, New York, or Paris, you’re usually on tracks from earlier Mario Kart games, with many directly from Mario Kart 7. The seventh installment in the series seemed to be the foundation for Mario Kart Tour. There are also “reverse tracks,” where you literally drive in the opposite direction, and “trick tracks,” where races are equipped with additional ramps and jumps.

Mario Kart Tour also features a multiplayer mode where you compete against real people, although it is separate from the single-player tour content.

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A new addition is the trick points system in this installment. While some of the latest Mario Kart games already offered the ability to perform tricks for an extra speed boost, Mario Kart Tour now evaluates your skills. The basic idea is that you have to string tricks together, involving not only jumping ramps but also hitting other players and collecting coins. The more tricks you string together, the higher your score.

I love this concept. It complements the tried-and-true Mario Kart formula with a dash of “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.” The higher your character/kart/gliders level, the better your point multipliers.

But how do you level up your characters? Well, unfortunately, this is where in-app purchases come into play. This is not inherently objectionable, as the game can be downloaded for free, and developers, of course, need to pay their rent. The problem lies in the fact that Mario Kart World Tour is somewhat of a “pay-to-win” game because leveling up means you can achieve higher trick combos, and leveling up works much faster if you invest money into the game.

If you spend more money than your fellow players, you’ll place higher in the weekly leaderboards. That leaves a bitter taste.

The gameplay itself is super fun and typical of Mario Kart. I also like the new trick and point system, and I appreciate that the game regularly receives new content. Therefore, despite the valid criticism of the pay-to-win concept, Mario Kart Tour is my favorite fun racer for Android tablets.

Google Play Store: Mario Kart Tour



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