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Best 10 Free Trivia Apps on Android: Solo, Multiplayer, TV Quiz, Pop!

Explore top Android trivia games: from classics like Jeopardy to multiplayer in Quiz Panic, test your knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

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Do you love testing your knowledge and challenging your friends with trivia questions? Trivia games are bastions of knowledge-related fun and friendly competition in the age of fleeting attention spans.

With the Google Play Store brimming with apps, finding the best trivia games on Android can feel like navigating a maze of multiple-choice answers. 

Whether you’re a knowledge seeker or have a knack for beating others in a different way, we’ll help you cut through the noise and find a trivia app that’s suited to the random information stored in your brain.

What’s a Trivia Game?

Before diving into the comparison, let’s define a trivia game. It’s a quiz game that tests your knowledge of various topics from history, geography, science, pop culture, sports, and more. 

These games are incredibly popular since they’re fun, engaging, and educational. They can help you learn new facts and stimulate your brain. Plus, they’re a great way to socialize – ahem, beat – your friends and family.

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General Knowledge Trivia Apps

Trivia Crack 2

trivia crack 2 trivia app for android

Even though Trivia Crack 2 is a sequel, don’t let that fact fool you. It’s a completely transformed game with tons of social elements that make it thrilling and, honestly, an adrenaline rush.

At its core, it’s a social game where you have to challenge your friends or a random player to answer questions in exchange for crowns. It’s about the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of outsmarting your opponents.

It’s a trivia app that surely fuels my competitive spirit, especially when I beat my friends.

Google Play Store Link

Price: Free

Trivia 360

Another general knowledge trivia app to test your knowledge on various topics is Trivia 360. Forget selecting categories in this game, as it’s a head-to-head against your friend or a random opponent.

In rapid-fire fashion, you have to answer them with points allotted for each question based on whether your answer is correct and the time it took you to respond to it. You’ll then wait for your opponent’s results, and the round goes to the player with the highest score.

It’s fun, fast-paced, and exhilarating. Surely, it’s a refreshing take on quiz and trivia apps as they push your limits and reward you with your knowledge.

Google Play Store Link

Price: Free

Trivia Star

trivia star trivia app for android

Trivia Star comes with a more traditional approach to trivia gameplay than other apps. It’s not a frantic duel with an opponent. Instead, it’s the type of app that beckons a cozy armchair and answers a never-ending stack of intellectually stimulating trivia questions.

The game is straightforward yet endlessly engaging. It starts easy, and as you progress to higher levels, it becomes more challenging. The aspect I like about Trivia Star is your journey as you discover new facts and hone your knowledge.

Google Play Store Link

Price: Free

TV Quiz Show Crossover


jeopardy trivia app for android

Ah, Jeopardy! The iconic game show where knowledge reigns supreme. With the Jeopardy app on Android, you can bring that thrilling experience directly to your phone.

The app faithfully recreates the familiar Alex Trebek Stage set with the iconic blue backdrop with the dollar values for each question. As a big Jeopardy fan, the app boasts a vast library of questions spanning different categories.

Jeopardy! is all about testing your knowledge against others, and it’s the same thing with the app. You’ll be paired up with two other players, and whoever earns the highest score after the final round wins the match.

You’ll also face familiar gameplay features like wagering on the Daily Doubles and the Final Jeopardy question. It’s a faithful recreation of the show on your mobile device and the perfect way to test your knowledge.

Google Play Store Link

Price: Free

Millionaire Trivia Game

millionaire trivia app for android

Remember the thrill of watching contestants climb the ladder on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” You can almost feel their palms sweating with each question as it gets more difficult. Now, with the official Millionaire trivia game app, you can step into the spotlight and test your knowledge.

It recreates the iconic game show and revolves around you answering challenging questions across a diverse topic category. Since you won’t win real money, the adrenaline rush comes from pitting you against a random opponent climbing the ladder. 

With Millionaire, it’s a head-to-head against an online opponent so that you can test your knowledge against others. Since it’s a free app with tons of active players, you don’t have to worry about waiting for your opponent. You’ll be paired almost instantly, so you can feel the rush over and over again.

Google Play Store Link

Price: Free

Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune trivia app for android

Another game show that translates very well to your phone screen is Wheel of Fortune. The app seamlessly recreates the show’s vibrant set, including the dazzling wheel and the puzzle board. 

The gameplay stays true to the classic format, where you spin the wheel, call out letters, buy vowels, and eventually solve the hidden phrase. You’re also up against three players, so it’s not just about luck. Strategic thinking comes into play, especially when deciding on vowels and taking risks. As with the show, you must avoid the Bankrupt and Lose a Turn wedge.

You’re also up against real opponents, which will really test your skills and knowledge. You’ll also have fun spoiling their runs when you know the puzzle before anyone else does.

If you’re a fan of the show, like me, it will keep you entertained for quite a while. So give it a whirl and rack your brain by guessing the phrase.

Google Play Store Link

Price: Free

Multiplayer Trivia Games

Quiz Panic

quiz panic trivia app for android

Battle Royale games have been popular lately. With Quiz Panic, you can forget solo quizzes and cozy armchair battles since the game will throw you into a chaotic arena. Your knowledge is your weapon, and quick thinking is your defense.

Playing Quiz Panic is a heart-pounding sprint through a barrage of questions that demands lighting-fast reflexes so you get to the answers first. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to other predictable trivia apps, and it’s my favorite from the list.

Google Play Store Link

Price: Free

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quizzland trivia app for android

If there’s one trivia app that allows you to compete in leaderboards and tournaments in your country or worldwide, it’s QuizzLand. Battle through various questions from different categories and become the ultimate trivia champion.

Even if you just started, there are daily leaderboards where you can compete, even if you’re late to the party. It’s a challenging game, especially if you turn on hard mode, as it has tricky puzzles that will test your knowledge and competitiveness.

Google Play Store Link

Price: Free

Pop Culture

Guess the Movie Quiz

guess the movie quiz trivia app for android

If you’re a movie buff, this next app is right up your alley. Guess the Movie Quiz is a trivia game that challenges you to guess the movie’s name based on a picture, poster, or scene. It’s not just a test of your popcorn-fueled knowledge, but the cryptic clues can mislead or confuse you.

If you feel stuck on particularly stubborn movies, you can use hints that describe it or remove letters from the choices to make it easier for you to guess. It’s a fun and addictive game that I learned the hard way since I spent a good hour after downloading the game.

Google Play Store Link

Price: Free

Logo Quiz

logo quiz trivia app for android

Another one of those pop culture classics, Logo Quiz, is a trivia app that challenges your knowledge of various logos from different brands and companies. From household giants to niche brands, the game will throw a mind-bending mix of logos at you. No category is safe, and you’ll have to identify them all as you go through the different levels.

Don’t worry if you get stuck since you can use the coins you earn to buy hints to help you figure out the logo. So hit download, and let the brand battle begin.

Google Play Store Link

Price: Free

Wrap Up

Trivia games are a great way to have fun, learn new things, and challenge yourself and others. Whether you crave the solo adrenaline rush or the competitive fire, there’s an app waiting to ignite your intellectual spark.

As a trivia enthusiast, my favorites from this list include Quiz Panic. That battle royale feel, where it’s every man for himself, ignites my competitive juices as I want to tap on the correct answer first. Of course, Jeopardy is also a clear favorite here as it closely simulates the show with real opponents.

Lastly, the classics like Trivia Crack 2 or Trivia 360 are an excellent way to pass the time, especially when you’re offline.

There are many other games for Android, but these trivia games are on my tablet, and I fire them up whenever I want to challenge myself.

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