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These 5 Free Dating Apps for Android Will Get You A Date!

Whether you are looking for casual dates or a serious relationship, these five dating apps will help you no matter if you’re straight or LGBT.

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free dating apps for android

I have a controversial idea: dating apps represent the most efficient way to meet someone you’re interested in.

I cannot think of another method that is free, convenient and has a ready supply of people who are seeking companionship in whatever form that can take.

Which is why I have tested these five dating apps for you, so that you know which one is best based on what you’re looking for.

Is It Really Free?

Almost all dating apps are free with an option to pay for a higher tier of service, but make no mistake, even if it’s free, you’re going to go through a lot of emotional labor.

People are going to ghost you, not reply, and disappoint you. Scammers abound on some platforms.

The paid versions of these apps generally speed up the process by giving you priority access to people, be it in the form of superlikes that put you in front of the queue, they might also show your profile to more people per day, or grant you unlimited likes and messages.

That said, you will be able to find a date regardless of whether you pay or not. It’s a matter of time (and you might have to wait a long, long time).

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The OG in online dating apps innovated the swiping mechanism that has become a mainstay in online dating. Swipe right for yes and swipe left for no.

You would put your profile online, share your stats like height, alma mater and dating goals, then write a bio.

Dating on Tinder really puts an emphasis on the images you upload because they are the most prominently displayed aspect of the app. So, make sure you get some nice photos.

You start your journey by swiping right on profiles you like and left on ones you don’t. Over time, the algorithm finds out what you like and provides better matches. If you and another person swipe right on each other, you will match. Once matched, you will be able to message the other person to get the ball rolling.

While Tinder has a reputation for being a hookup app, you can filter out people by relationship preferences so you can find “new friends” all the way to “long-term” relationships.

The biggest advantage that Tinder has is its big user base. Ever since its launch in 2012, Tinder has quickly grown to become a mainstay in the dating app world.

What sets Tinder apart:

  • Has a large user base
  • Can be used for whatever dating intention you have
  • Matches don’t expire

Google Play Store: Tinder


Bumble looks like Tinder, functions like Tinder (swipe-left/swipe-right), but there’s a main difference that sets it apart — matches expire.

Whereas with Tinder, when two people swipe right on each other, either party can start the conversation. On Bumble, when two people match, only the woman can start the conversation and she has a 24-hour window to do so, or else the match expires and contact is no longer possible.

Once the woman messages, the man will need to reply, also within a 24-hour window or else the match expires.

Like Tinder, you set up your profile by uploading some photos, listing your interests, writing a description and some prompts, and then sharing stats about yourself like work, education, gender, height, drinking habits, and many more.

Beyond a description of yourself, you can also use the Profile Prompts or Opening Question feature. The former provides a question such as “a pro and con of dating me” and you have to provide an answer that will be listed on your profile. The latter allows you to put a question on your profile that serves as an icebreaker, for example, “What’s your dream vacation destination”.

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What sets Bumble apart:

  • Women message first upon matching
  • Match expiry mechanism is unique
  • Profile Prompts and Opening Question allows you to show your personality

Google Play Store: Bumble


Hinge is owned by the same company that runs Tinder, but the user experience of using Hinge is miles apart from Tinder.

Hinge gives off a more “serious” vibe with its formal, black-white-purple color scheme unlike Bumble or Tinder’s bright yellow or orange color scheme.

Photos take up a lot less real estate in Hinge and what you write in the prompts is much more prominent.

There’s also no swipe mechanism in this app. Instead, you will have to respond to a photo, a prompt or a question. Unlike some apps, Hinge gives you the opportunity to write a message when responding to a match.

Hinge arranges these by first showing you a photo, then questions, then prompts before showing the rest of the photos and prompts. Upon matching, either party can start the conversation.

What sets Hinge apart:

  • Less photo-focused than Tinder
  • Prompts and questions are more prominent on Hinge than Tinder or Bumble
  • No swiping mechanism. Instead, you respond to someone by leaving a like or comment.

Google Play Store: Hinge

Coffee Meets Bagel

Compared to the rest of the apps above, Coffee Meets Bagel is much more formal of an app, and they proudly state that 90% of people using this app are looking for a serious relationship during their profile questionnaire.

Every day, you get 15 matches to choose from. It’s mostly the same story here. You can like them or you can skip them.

However, the user interface of Coffee Meets Bagel is a bit different. You get a photo slider and then once you scroll down, it’s immediately the person’s profile with stats like height, ethnicity, religion, values, personality, education and then some description fields.

What sets Coffee Meets Bagels apart:

  • Generally used by the more relationship-focused crowd
  • Profile featured more prominently

Google Play Store: Coffee Meets Bagels


While all the other apps listed above are meant for people of all orientations, Grindr is one that’s mostly used by gay men.

As a niche service catering to men seeking men, it’s got a large user base, which means more opportunities for connections for this specific group.

Grindr’s appeal lies in its simplicity and focus on casual, no-strings-attached encounters. It’s free, which is a big plus, and signing up is a breeze – you’re on the app and browsing profiles in just a couple of minutes. The app rates highly in user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

While not technically a hook-up-only app, in practice, if you’re looking for something more serious, Grindr might not be your best bet. It’s more about the here and now, less about Mr. Right. But for those quick meet-ups and spontaneous connections, it’s unrivaled.

What sets Grindr apart:

  • Made for men seeking men

Google Play Store: Grindr

Which Free Android Dating App Is Best For You?

If you have the time and energy, it’s ideal to put yourself on as many dating apps as possible to increase the chance you’ll find what you’re looking for. However, managing the apps can be quite a draining and overwhelming experience.

The next best thing is to hone in on apps where there’s more overlap in terms of the dating intentions of people. For example, if you are a gay man, Grindr might suit you better. If you are looking for relationships, you might be better served by Coffee Meets Bagels and Hinge. If you want something casual, Tinder will give you the biggest selection of people.

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If you want something serious:

  1. Coffee Meets Bagels
  2. Hinge
  3. Bumble
  4. Tinder

If you want casual dates:

  1. Grindr (if applicable)
  2. Tinder
  3. Bumble
  4. Hinge
  5. Coffee Meets Bagels

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