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ZTE Nubia Pad 3D Confirmed to Launch at MWC 2023

ZTE teases its first 3D tablet — Nubia Pad 3D on Weibo. Driven by AI technology, it can project three-dimensional images without the need for special glasses.

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ZTE Nubia Pad 3D launch teaser

Nubia, a renowned brand for its high-performance gaming smartphone series, the “Red Magic,” is now gearing up to launch a flagship tablet at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona.

On Weibo, Nubia officially declared that their first tablet device, named “Nubia Pad 3D” is launching on February 28 at 3 PM (GMT +1) as part of the MWC 2023 event in Barcelona. This gaming tablet was designed in collaboration with Leia Inc., a US-based company specializing in Lightfield products and software applications.

3D effects without special glasses

As the official announcement proclaimed, Nubia Pad 3D is a revolutionary tablet with a unique feature – an advanced 3D display viewable without assistance! This technology lets you explore its content in three dimensions with the naked eye.

You can notice the design of Nubia Pad 3D on the announcement poster. From the front, this tablet uses a landscape camera setting with two cameras and a microphone between them. The top and bottom bezels seem thicker than those on the left or right side. On the outer side, we see two speaker grills on either end of a charging port. The tablet’s frame is designed with right angles and sharp square edges.

Although there are no leaks or rumors about the Nubia Pad 3D, we can expect an exceptional flagship-level chipset and advanced features. The precise internal specs have yet to be revealed by officials; we can expect premium quality with this cutting-edge device.

AI-backed 3D display & USB Type-C connectivity

The unveiling will occur at ZTE’s exhibit in Hall 3 of Fira Gran Via at Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona on February 28. A Weibo post claims it to be the first viewer-facing artificial intelligence (AI) technology for three-dimensional graphics that uses intelligent recognition of human eyes to enable naked-eye 3D effect. 

From what we can tell, the engine can follow your gaze to create a convincing 3D illusion without needing glasses or a parallax barrier screen. 

The tablet will include a USB Type-C connector, two front-facing cameras housed in the narrow bezel, and a large sensor located between the two cameras, most likely for use with the 3D effects.

In the coming days, we expect Nubia to reveal more information about this much-awaited 3D tablet on Weibo – the Nubia Pad 3D. They’re likely to tease the customers with basic specifications and other interesting features. 

We will stay in the loop with all the latest happening and bring you all the updates! Stay tuned with us. 



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