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13 Best Free Stargazing Apps for Android (Plus How To Use Them)

Discover the best free Android stargazing apps for beginners to experts, featuring user-friendly interfaces and real-time celestial tracking.

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Stargazing is one of the most awe-inspiring hobbies you can have. There’s nothing like gazing at the stars and planets and marveling at the wonders of the universe. But how do you make the most of your experience? How do you actually know you’re looking at the right star, planet, or nebula, and how do you find them?

I had my first stargazing experience when I was eight. Back then, we were at the whim of astronomers, and we’d simply believe whatever they told us. Today, you only need a stargazing app on your Android device to explore the heavens.

Best Stargazing Apps to Help You Navigate the Night Sky

With so many stargazing apps on the Google Play Store, how do you choose the best ones?  Which of these apps do you need to have a successful stargazing session? Well, we’ve done the hard part and tested these out.

You’ll discover the best free stargazing apps for Android devices, so whether you’re a beginner, an expert, a kid, or an adult, you’ll know which ones to get. We’ll also have picks for casual and serious skywatchers so you can further add to your knowledge.

Also, here are some of our recommended small tablets that would be great companions in your stargazing journey.

Light Pollution Map: Before You Head Out

Light Pollution Map android stargazing app

One of the biggest challenges for stargazers is finding a dark spot away from city lights. Light pollution can wash out fainter stars and make it harder to see the details of the sky. Before you head out on your stargazing session, it’s best to use the Light Pollution Map app to show you the sources and levels of light pollution in your area.

The app uses data from NASA, World Atlas, and other sources to create a comprehensive map of the sky’s brightness wherever you are. You can zoom in and out, search for locations, and find the best places for stargazing. 

If you plan to go on a stargazing trip, I recommend using it days before so you can find the nearest place in your area with the darkest skies.

Download Light Pollution Map on the Google Play Store.

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Good to Stargaze: App to Check for Clear Skies

good to stargaze android app screenshot

Another factor that can affect your best stargazing app experience is the weather. Finding the perfect location is one thing, but if it’s cloudy or, worse, raining, you won’t have a clear view of the sky. You want an app that will give you a comprehensive report of the weather and the forecast of the conditions for stargazing.

Good to Stargaze is the app you’re looking for, as it provides reliable weather data, atmospheric transparency, and light pollution. It will then use all these and give you a simple yes or no answer to the question: Is it good to stargaze?

good to stargaze android app screenshot

Nowadays, I don’t go stargazing as often, but when I do, the Good to Stargaze app is one of my go-to as it’s reliable, convenient, and gives you a direct answer. It’s also an app I recommend to my friends if they tell me they’re going stargazing.

Download Good To Stargaze here.

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My Moon Phase: For Tracking the Moon

my moon phase android app screenshot

The moon is easily the brightest and most fascinating celestial object in the night sky. If you’re going stargazing and want to see the stars, especially the core of the Milky Way, you will want to keep track of the moon and its current phase.

For the best experience and the darkest skies, you want the moon to be in its new moon phase so you don’t have to deal with its brightness obscuring fainter stars. You’ll be able to know when the next one is with the My Moon Phase app. It will also tell you the moon’s rise and set times so you can time your stargazing sessions properly.

It’s a simple and elegant app that will help you enjoy the beauty and mystery of the moon. It’s perfect for photographers, stargazers, or anyone following the lunar cycle.

Download My Moon Phase here.

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Star Walk 2: Best for Beginners

star walk 2 android app screenshot

If you’re new to stargazing and want an app that will walk you through the basics, Star Walk 2 is the one you need. The app will show you a star chart with the stars, constellations, planets, and other night sky objects you can view with your naked eye or through a telescope.

The best thing about Star Walk 2 is it’s a beginner-friendly app with an intuitive interface that makes stargazing fun and interactive. It uses your device’s GPS and compass to show you a realistic map of the night sky in your area.

star walk 2 android app screenshot

All you need to do is point your device’s camera at the sky and look through your screen to identify which star or constellation you’re looking at easily. It’s also an educational app where you can listen to audio descriptions of the most popular deep sky objects and learn about their history, mythology, and science.

Download Star Walk 2 here.

Stellarium Mobile – Star Map: Best Free App for Realism

stellarium mobile star map android app screenshot

Star Walk 2 may be the app for beginners, but for seasoned skywatchers, there may be better options for their advanced needs. That app is Stellarium Mobile – Star Map, which shows you a more realistic simulation of the night sky in your area.

It’s a powerful app that uses advanced algorithms and data to create a stunning and accurate representation of the night sky. It lets you see the sky differently, like night mode, vision, grids, and constellation art. It also has an augmented reality mode, so you can easily locate deep-sky objects.

stellarium mobile star map android app screenshot

You’ll also be able to use the app to adjust the time and location to know how the sky will look during your stargazing session so you can schedule which object to focus on in a particular timeframe. 

Download Stellarium Mobile – Star Map here.

Sky Tonight: Best for Interactivity

sky tonight android app screenshot

If you want to change things up from the apps we have on here, Sky Tonight is the one you’re looking for. It’s an app that will show you the sky in an interactive and engaging way. It comes with gamified elements that challenge you to explore the night sky and discover its secrets.

With Sky Tonight, you can see the sky via a star chart in 3D with realistic animations from a different point of view. You can move around, zoom in and out, and see more features of the sky from different perspectives.

A planning feature that I love about Sky Tonight is to see the sky at different times and dates so you know what to expect in your stargazing session. The app also has mini-games and quizzes that will test your knowledge about the sky to keep it fun and educational. 

Download Sky Tonight here.

Sky Map: Best for Deep Sky Objects

sky map android app screenshot

At this point, most of the apps we have included here help you to see the moon, planets, and different constellations. However, what if you want to take it to the next level? Sky Map is the app you want to get that will help you locate deep-sky objects such as nebulas, galaxies, and star clusters. 

Now, these celestial objects will not be readily visible to the naked eye. However, with the help of binoculars or a telescope, you should be able to find these quickly with Sky Map.

The app is minimalist and user-friendly, will help you explore the night sky, and will guide you on how to find the different deep sky objects. Since it uses your device’s GPS and compass, it’s similar to the other apps where you’ll have the exact view of space objects in the sky on your phone or tablet’s screen.

Download Sky Map here.

SkyWiki: Best for Information

skywiki android app screenshot

Stargazing and learning about the cosmos often come hand in hand. To complement star locator apps with information, you will need an app like SkyWiki, which will help you learn more about the sky.

SkyWiki is a great educational resource app with a wealth of data and features covering various astronomy topics, the solar system, the stars, galaxies, and more. The app gives you access to a rich encyclopedia of the sky with articles, images, videos, and quizzes.

You’ll be able to learn detailed information about history, mythology, and science for a fun and informative experience in your next stargazing session. Since there are discoveries about our cosmos, the thing I appreciate about SkyWiki is that it’s constantly updated to have the latest content.

Download SkyWiki here.

SkyPortal by Celestron: Best for Astrophotographers

SkyPortal by Celestron:

To take your stargazing to the next level, you must use a telescope. Celestron is a reliable telescope brand with top-notch optics, allowing you to see the night sky in a different light. It comes with a companion app named SkyPortal that lets you control your telescope from your phone or tablet.

You can pair your device to your Celestron telescope via the app and use it to align with SkyAlign. One of the reasons why this setup is an excellent tool for astrophotographers is that you’ll be able to quickly find night sky objects with a tap on your device’s screen.

Whether you’re looking for a nebula or a galaxy, SkyPortal will help you find it and align your telescope so you can view more detail or take a picture. It’s a versatile and powerful app that lets you enjoy the night sky with your telescope.

Download SkyPortal by Celestron here.

NASA App: Best for Entertainment

nasa app stargazing android app screenshot

The NASA app isn’t really your typical stargazing app, where it shows you the location of the stars, planets, satellites and galaxies. However, it’s one of those app that gives you access to tons of space content and features.

If you’re like me and are fascinated with space and exploration, the NASA app is the entertaining and informative companion app shows you need for your stargazing adventures and sessions. You’ll see the latest news and stories, especially now that the James Webb Space Telescope is up.

With the NASA app, you’ll also access thousands of space images and wallpapers you can download and set on your device. It’s a fun and informative app that will keep you updated on the latest happenings in space exploration.

Download NASA App here.

Kids Astronomy by Star Walk 2: Best for Kids

kids astronomy by star walk 2 android app screenshot

If you have kids, forget bedtime stories and blast off to lots of cosmic adventures with the Kids Astronomy by Star Walk 2 app. We’ve talked about the Star Walk 2 app, but this one has a kid-friendly twist.

It works just like its parent app, but this time, the animations are a lot more fun and engaging for kids of all ages. The planets dance around on-screen, and constellations have some personality. There are also tons of activities that make learning about space a lot of fun.

When I checked out the app, it was one of those things I missed out on during my first stargazing sessions. It’s more than just an app. It is a portal to a universe full of wonder. It will surely ignite your kid’s imagination and make learning about space infinitely more fun.

Download Kids Astronomy by Star Walk 2 here.

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ISS Detector Satellite Tracker: To Track the ISS

iss detector satellite tracker android app screenshot

Ahh, the International Space Station or the ISS – everyone’s favorite satellite after the moon. Since it’s much smaller than the moon, finding it can be tricky. However, it’s one of those stargazing activities that brings a different level of excitement since you’re looking at both natural satellites and a human-made object streaking across the night sky.

To successfully pull it off, you will need the ISS Detector Satellite Tracker app to show you when and where to look. It knows the ISS’s every move and will tell you exactly when and where to look so you won’t miss your chance to wave at the astronauts in space.

If you have other stargazing activities, you can also set an alarm that will buzz you a few minutes before the ISS zooms by. With the app, you won’t have an excuse if you miss it.

The ISS Detector Satellite Tracker app is a must-have for space enthusiasts of all ages. It quickly turns your casual stargazing sessions into an interactive and fun adventure.

Download ISS Detector Satellite Tracker here.

How to Use These Apps for Stargazing

Now that you have a list of the best free stargazing apps for Android, you might be wondering how to use them for stargazing properly. There are a lot of them, and it can be overwhelming. But in my experience, here’s what I usually do that helps me get the most out of them.

  • Before you head out, check the weather and light pollution conditions with apps like Good to Stargaze and Light Pollution Map.
  • Plan your stargazing session ahead of time with apps like Star Walk 2 and Sky Tonight. You can see which objects and events will be visible in your location and time.
  • Bring your device with you and ensure it’s fully charged or have a power bank ready. If you have a tripod or mount, bring those to hold your device steady and hands-free.
  • Use the apps listed here to identify and learn about the objects in the sky. Point your device at the sky and see what’s there, or search for objects to know where to find them.
  • Most importantly, have fun and share your discoveries with others. Capture photos of the sky with your device or camera.

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Wrap Up

Stargazing is a wonderful hobby that will help you discover the mysteries of the cosmos. I can still vividly remember my first stargazing experience as a kid, and I still find time to marvel at the night sky when I get the chance.

With these free stargazing apps for Android, you can make your experience better and easier. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert, a kid or an adult, as you’ll surely find that these apps enhance exploring the night sky.

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