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How to Change Icons on Android and Give Your Device a Makeover

Change your Android app icons with Shortcut Maker, custom launchers, and app-specific options for a unique device look.

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Have you wondered if you could change the stock icons of your Android apps? You’re not alone because many people like how Android devices offer increased customization. Learning how to change icons on Android is almost like a fashion statement. Besides letting your tablet or smartphone look good, it’s the perfect conversation starter.

It’s not difficult to change your app’s icons, but there are several ways to do so. I’ve tested out several ways to help you save time. Check them out below.

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Download Custom Icons and Use Shortcut Maker

Icon packs are libraries containing up to several thousand icons. Unless you have a launcher that supports icon swapping, you’ll need to get one or try Shortcut Maker.

The best thing about Shortcut Maker is you don’t need to download a launcher only for changing icons. You can edit the default icons directly or swap them out for images from your gallery.

Since mobile icons can be saved as PNG files or any other image file type, Shortcut Maker can locate them quickly. Here’s how you can use this app for custom icons.

Download Shortcut Maker from the Google Play Store.

Open the app and select “Apps.”

Choose an app you want to make a shortcut to.

Tap on “Icon.”

Select “Gallery Image” and choose a file you like.

Tap on the tick sign at the top-right corner.

Choose “Create Shortcut,” and you can drag it anywhere.

Shortcut Maker lets you modify the icon before you create a shortcut, so it’s possible to crop parts of a large image to serve as your new icon. I used Gmail as an example, but you can replicate the same process for any app on your Android device. Pardon the blurry wallpaper, as it’s only a temporary solution.

Additionally, Shortcut Maker can create shortcuts to your favorite websites or perform actions like opening contacts or files. Personally, I would make one for my YouTube music playlist so I can listen to music immediately while driving.

Samsung Themes Customization

You can download or purchase themes using Galaxy Themes if you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. However, this app only lets you change themes and icons on the app’s marketplace. The choices are more limited, but you can find something you like. The process for changing icons using Galaxy Themes is as follows.

Touch and hold any open area on your home screen.

Go to “Themes.”

Select “Icons” and pick the ones you want to download.

Get the icons for free or buy a paid set.

In the Galaxy Themes app, touch the triple bars to open the menu.

Head to “My Stuff” and choose some icons.

Apply the icons and you can now see them on your screen.

It’s crucial to note that the steps may differ slightly depending on your specific Galaxy smartphone. However, I’m confident that you can follow these steps to change your icons easily.

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Install Custom Launchers

Every Android device has a specific launcher that determines your user interface’s (UI) appearance. If you own a Xiaomi device, it usually has the MIUI launcher. Samsung devices use the company’s proprietary launcher as well. One advantage of these launchers is that you can install custom ones from the Google Play Store or elsewhere. Many of these launchers let you use icon packs as well.

Icon packs are libraries containing up to several thousand icons. Most of them are designed to work with popular launchers like Nova Launcher, Action Launcher and Smart Launcher. There are both free and paid packs on the Google Play Store.

These launchers are usually free, but others require a purchase. For example, Nova Launcher Prime is the paid version of Nova Launcher. I tried using Nova Launcher more than five years ago, and it remains easy to use today.

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After you install a launcher, you’ll be stuck with a new home screen and UI, but switching back to your device’s original ROM is easy. I’ll show you how to install Nova Launcher and change icons.

Download and install Nova Launcher on your device.

Launch the app.

Tap and hold any app you want to change icon for.

Select “Edit” and tap the icon image.

Go to “Gallery Apps” and pick any app you want.

Choose the new icon image file.

Edit the image or tap “Done.”

Finish by tapping “Done” again.

These steps are for Nova Launcher 7, but the general idea also works for other custom launchers you prefer. Ensure you familiarize yourself with the new interface before changing icons.

Use an App’s Custom Icons

Some apps already let you replace the default icons without downloading anything else. One example is Discord. You can find the option in Discord’s settings menu and scroll down until you see “App Icon.” Tap on that section and choose whatever available style you like. Unfortunately, not many apps have this functionality, so using any of the methods above is the best.


The Android operating system’s customizability allows users to change their app icons’ appearances. There are many different styles to choose from, and apps like Shortcut Maker even let you create your own icons by using images downloaded from the internet. If you use custom launchers, it’s possible to alter your tablet interface’s appearance even further. Let me know if I missed any noteworthy ones.

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